Setting up Camp for Camp NaNoWriMo 2014!


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After much deliberation and careful weighing of my options, not to mention hours of smashing my head against a wall, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo 2014. The suggestions I received from friends, family, and followers (dang, alliteration!) were helpful to say the least. I had not thought about setting a smaller word goal for this round. For me, NaNoWriMo has always been about setting high goals and pushing myself to the brink of insanity, but would it really hurt if I coaxed a little through April’s session? It could be the warm-up for July’s session when I do plan on going hard. Wouldn’t it be better to get a little writing done than to sit it out entirely?  I think so.

Sadly, I don’t think my sister will be participating in the April session because of an editing assignment she received, but I’m always interested in connecting with new friends. I’m under Kitomi if you’re looking for a friend on the forums. Some of you have already sent me your information, which is awesome. I’ll be sure to check out your profiles and cheer you on!

Because I’m focusing on editing this month, my goal is only 15,000 words. This way I only have to write between 500-1000 words a night, which won’t take a lot of time away from editing. I’ll be continuing the draft for the sequel to my (still untitled) fantasy novel. (A full synopsis is available on my profile if you’re interested).

With April only a week away, time is running out to sign up for this fun and crazy event. If you are interested in joining me around the campfire with a notebook and a cup of hot chocolate visit to register now! See you there!


8 thoughts on “Setting up Camp for Camp NaNoWriMo 2014!

  1. I think I might set up a small goal as well, just to finish book one in my series or to start book two. Hopefully starting, but I have some edits, so writing will have to take a back burner.

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