Celebrating 50 Followers!


I know it’s a small milestone in followed-blog-50-1xmy blogging career, but I’m excited to celebrate my 50th follower on Lit Chic! (Technically I reached 52 followers . . . nuance).

To celebrate, I’m treating myself to a much deserved glass of wine (courtesy of my sister, of course. cough cough). After all of my hard work, I think I’ve earned it. But I know it’s not all about me. It’s because of your support and interests that I’ve reached this goal. Every single follower is important to me because that’s just one more person I’ve managed to connect with in the blogosphere. That is the goal of Lit Chic after all, to connect bloggers, readers, editors, and writers.

I’ve still a long way to go in building a strong platform, but reaching this goal encourages me to keep climbing to the next: 100 followers . . . 200 followers . . . 1,000 followers, maybe. Regardless, I’m looking forward to continuing my goal and getting to know more awesome bloggers as time goes on.

Thank you again for your support!


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