Multiple Writing Projects? No Problem


I’ve been hearing this question floating around the blogosphere: “Is it okay to have multiple writing projects going on at the same time?”


Many authors fear that having too many writing projects going on at the same time can be detrimental to their writing as well as their sanity, but there are several benefits to having more than one project going on at the same time.

My answer? Yes, absolutely! In fact, it’s a great idea to have more than one project going on at the same time, more so if they are in different stages of the writing process. For example, have one project in the editing stage, another in the drafting stage, and a third in the outlining stage. As the first is completed and sent to agents, you can be editing the second and then drafting the third, and so on. It’s like a production line but for writing. I know it might sound kind of stale and systematic, but–efficiency aside–there are other reasons why having multiple projects in various stages can’t hurt.

Have you ever just been in the mood to write, but don’t have any new scenes to add to your almost finished work? Or have you ever just wanted to dabble in edits, but your current project is still just a rough draft? That’s when it helps to have multiple projects. Or say you have two projects in the drafting stage, that’s fine too. If you’re not in the mood to write one, then you have the other to work on.

Myself, I have four (arguably six) projects going on right now, aside from my blog and the articles I write for I am currently editing my Arthurian parody, drafting my comedic fantasy novel and its sequel, while planning the third novel and two companion novels. This keeps me busy, always writing, but never overwhelmed.

So, have a great idea emerging but still working on that first novel? No worries. Just pace yourself and don’t get overwhelmed. If it gets to be too much and your writing, as well as your sanity, is suffering, then put one of the projects on the backburner until another is finished. Best of luck!


4 thoughts on “Multiple Writing Projects? No Problem

  1. Love it – I’ve got three non-fiction projects under way, a mystery novella in final edits, plus just put out a novel and a book of essays/prompts for writers. My critique buddy is reviewing an essay I’m getting ready to submit and I try to update my blog once or twice a week. Yes, yes, yes, multiple projects is stupid ridiculous fun!

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