By Your Powers Combined: How Authors Can Collaborate to Boost Sales


Earth. Fire. Wind. Water. Heart. Go planet! By your powers combined I am captain planet!

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s, or who had children in the 90’s, remembers these opening lines to the end credits of the popular television series Captain Planet. I know they fill me with a serious sense of nostalgia. For those of you who have not, for some unholy reason, seen the show, please watch the video below:

Okay, so what is the point of this video? What does Captain Planet have to do with authors and book sales? Consider the premise of the series: Five children from different parts of the globe are all gifted with magical rings of power. Alone, their elemental powers are not enough to defeat the evil polluters and poachers who seek to destroy the earth. But when combined, their powers summon the greatest hero on earth, Captain Planet. That is how every episode is won.

Do you see the theme? Alone, we are not as effective as when we combine our strengths with others. It’s not that we are powerless on our own, (unless your special power is heart) but we certainly achieve more when our efforts are combined with someone else’s.

One of the main challenges authors face, regardless of publishing route, is marketing their book. Alone, an author is limited, but combine their audience, resources, finances, and energy with another author’s (or authors’) and the outcome is sure to be greater. Here are some ways authors can collaborate to boost sales:

Plan a Group Book Launch Party: Releasing a book on its own can be anticlimactic. Alone, an author has a limited audience. Team up with other authors (who write similar books to what you produce) to plan a party at a unique venue or online wherein authors can announce their new releases together. Take advantage of several author platforms and audiences to build excitement for your launch date.

Create Team Book Pages: Have each member create a page on their website or blog dedicated to promoting books other than your own. Provide a brief profile on each member’s book including the title, cover, a short blurb, and link to Amazon (or wherever book is being sold). If you want, include author information as well. Readers of your book will probably check out the others and vice versa. Just make sure your books are similar.

Share a Booth: Renting a booth at an event or convention can be costly, not to mention it can be hard to attract an audience for one product. Why not share your booth with one or two other authors to split costs and attract a larger crowed. People are more likely to visit a booth that offers more than one product. Plus, it’s more fun than sitting by yourself.

Host a Group Event or Online Party: Hosting an event in public or online (yes, there are online venues) can be costly and challenging. Split the costs and the workload by going in with one or more other authors. Generate more excitement for the event on multiple author platforms and have fun!

Cross Promote on Social Media: Instead of spamming your followers with advertisements for your own book, take a break to promote someone else’s. They should do the same. This way, you share your book with a wider audience rather than spam the same people over and over with information they’ve already seen before.

So far, that’s all I have, but there are so many more ways authors can help each other out. If you think of anything I missed, please share in the comments below. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and feedback:)


8 thoughts on “By Your Powers Combined: How Authors Can Collaborate to Boost Sales

  1. This is great advice. One of my writers’ groups meets at a coffee shop, so we had a little sale out front one day to promote the books that were released in the last year. It was good publicity for the coffee shop and a nice way to introduce our books to local people.

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