What’s so Funny about Comedy?


The month of August saw the passing of three beloved comic actors. Since then, we’ve been sharing our favorite pictures, quotes, jokes, as well as stories to honor and remember them. Comedians impact our lives in a way that no other actor or performer can. When comedians leave us, we often reflect bitter sweetly on those moments and jokes that made us laugh. Robin William’s death taught us about the darker side of comedy and of life. Comedy is not always a laughing matter, and sometimes the ones who make us laugh are the most troubled.


I think this one says it best.

I think this Someecard sums it up best. I thought it ironic that I pulled it from my daily desk calendar this morning. I shared it on Twitter and got some very interesting responses. What we concluded is that great comedy comes from human misery. Comedy is a way for comedians (actors or writers) to communicate a serious message while entertaining an audience.

Some of the greatest comedians and comic writers take their inspiration from painful experiences or from current issues important to them. Many of these are serious issues. In his novel Men at Arms Terry Pratchett makes a rather serious statement about guns and power, but I was laughing the entire time. He also features an orangutan in most of his novels because of his love for the endangered species. In his private life, he struggles with Alzheimer’s, a disease that has affected his writing career. No doubt, this has influenced the themes of some of his later books.

As a writer of comic fantasy, (a subgenre of fantasy that is primarily humorous in intent and tone) I take advantage of imaginary characters and worlds to satirize current social issues as well as parody other works of fantasy. Also, I communicate themes and messages that are important to me. If you ever read one of my books, and I hope you do, (if you don’t, no hard feelings) you’ll notice that my characters never succeed in romance. That’s just my fun little way of dealing with my own disappointing romantic life. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Haha!

Whatever comedy you enjoy, whether its stand-up comedy or comic writing, keep an open heart, because the comedian might be trying to tell you something.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, I welcome your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by!


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