On a Scale of 1 to George R. R. Martin, How Bloody Is Your Novel?


American author George Raymond Richard Martin, often referred to as GRRM, and better known as George R. R. Martin, is famous for his complex plot lines and complicated characters, but let’s face it, what we love the most about his writing is the violence and sudden deaths. Some find his writing dark and cynical but most of us, including The New York Times consider it “fantasy for grown ups.” Regardless, we’ve all come to expect the best and the worst from George R. R. Martin.


I think that’s a pretty accurate statement.

There seems to be a lot of pressure on writers nowadays, particularly fantasy writers, to include copious amounts of violence and gore in their novels. I know my books contain a lot of action, some of which could be considered violent, though I am hesitant to kill off a main characters. How about you? Are your books bloody and violent? For fun, take the poll below to determine on a scale of 1 to George R. R. Martin, how bloody is your novel?

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6 thoughts on “On a Scale of 1 to George R. R. Martin, How Bloody Is Your Novel?

  1. Bailey Jackson

    I haven’t exactly made a habit of killing my characters, but that’s mostly because I usually have a very small cast–like only 3 or 4 characters. But in my latest idea I have a lot more characters, and I’m already planning on killing several of them. Not on the scale of good ol’ GRRM, but still. I’m excited 😀

  2. Jon

    Let’s see, of eight foreground characters (so far), one accidental death, one murder, one death by natural causes and one assassination. Although this is in a forty year time span.

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