A Couple of Songs to Say Thank You


In our busy lives, with writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, (not to mention work and family) we often forget to stop and thank those who helped us achieve our dream. There’s usually a page somewhere in the front of the book designated to thanking those who helped us along the way: family, friends, editors, and the like, but let’s face it, if we included every single person who helped us on the dedication page, it would be more than one page.

I know the dedication page of my novel will include my sister, my best friend, my mother, and my editor. My cover artist will be mentioned somewhere as well. But what about all of my friends on Twitter and WordPress who have offered support, advice, as well as feedback on the blurb and cover art? There are simply too many names to put to one page. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. On the contrary, I am so very very very grateful for all of the support and advice, especially when I requested it on my blog. Thanks to your feedback, my blurb is polished and the cover art is nearly complete.

There is no way I can individually repay you all, but I’d like to thank you the best way I know how–through song! Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing. But I found some music videos to do the job:

And in case Bob Marley didn’t say it, here’s some Jay-Z.

Once again, thank you for all of your support, and thanks for stopping by!


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