I Took an Elfie . . . No, Not an Elephant Selfie

Elfie 1

I took an elfie!

I know I just blogged about Kokomo-Con, and you’re all probably sick of hearing about it, but I’m just so excited to participate in my first cosplay ever! This year, I’ll be going as Tauriel from the Hobbit trilogy. Despite her obvious OC qualities, she’s still one of my favorite characters in the trilogy . . . besides Bard. Love me some Luke Evans!

elfie 3

Getting in some last minute target practice

The costume has actually been pretty easy to put together. I already had the boots and the bow. The rest I had to order online. After waiting for over two weeks, my styled wig and latex ears came in the mail at the end of last week. So now all I have to wait on is . . . the costume. Haha! In the meantime, I need to paint my ears. Latex ears tend to come a little on the pale side, even in regards to elves. I also need to pick up some brown tights and some make-up. Even without the outfit, I can see the costume is going to be great. Over the weekend, I tried out the wig with the ears just to see how things would look. So far, so good.

The Elf Queen–er King of Mirkwood

As I mentioned before, my sister is going with me. She’ll be dressed as Thranduil. She ordered the wig (and a backup wig) and the robe, but the crown she made herself from wire and hot glue. So far, it’s looking pretty good, but it’s not finished yet. I’m really excited about her costume because she already looks a lot like Lee Pace, so even though she’s a woman, I think her costume will be very convincing. Don’t you agree? The only thing she’s missing is the party elk that Thranduil rides around on.


All we need now is for someone to go as the elk

My nephew will also be going with me again this year, and of course, he’s going to have a costume as well. Going along with the Mirkwood theme, he’ll be dressed as Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil’s son. I thought that was a cute idea since his mother is playing Thranduil. Rylee’s super excited about his costume, especially since he gets to carry a toy bow.

A friend of mine will be joining us, though I’m not sure what she’ll be doing for a costume . . . maybe I can convince her to wear a hat with horns to go as Thranduil’s elk . . . or maybe not. Haha.

Anyway, I can’t wait for October 18th and hopefully I’ll see some of you there too!


2 thoughts on “I Took an Elfie . . . No, Not an Elephant Selfie

  1. armenpogharian

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Other than a brief Halloween appearance as Gandalf a little over 30 years ago, I’ve never dressed up as any of the Tolkien characters. Sadly, barring a Tolkien-themed wedding for my daughter, I think the time has passed.

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