The Scariest Things That Can Happen to a Writer


Be prepared to be scared

It’s Halloween, and instead of posting a list of scary books to read, (which would be difficult for me, because I don’t read scary books) I thought I would do something more interesting, while still acknowledging the holiday. So here you have it, in the spirit of Halloween, a list of horrible and frightening things that all writers would find terrifying any day of the year. Enjoy!

  • Losing all of your unsaved writing in a computer crash.
  • Having your first online review be a really negative one.
  • Finding out another author has already taken your best ideas.
  • Having zero participation at a book signing.
  • Receiving zero online reviews for an entire year.
  • Being sued by another author for copyright infringement.
  • Being plagiarized.
  • Receiving a scathing rejection letter in the mail.
  • Getting writer’s block
  • Having someone read your rough draft before it’s ready to be read.
  • Making zero sales on Amazon.
  • Having your book pirated online.
  • Doing rewrites.
  • Losing the rights to your books.
  • Running out of toner while printing your manuscript.
  • Running out of coffee.
  • Discovering your writing is terrible.

Okay, I have to stop before I have a panic attack. So scary! Anyway, have a great Halloween and good luck to my friends participating in NaNoWriMo 2014!


11 thoughts on “The Scariest Things That Can Happen to a Writer

  1. I lost a complete novel manuscript a few years back — two edited hard copies, original notes, outlines, files on disk, everything — in a move. It happens. It’s maddening. And somehow, you just move on.

  2. I’m cringing in my chair as I’m reading this. Number one would have to be the worst. I’m so paranoid about losing my work I’ve got several backup copies stashed in various places. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

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