November’s Featured Author Mishka Jenkins


November is here! Time to brace yourselves for winter (winter is coming) and welcome this month’s featured author, Mishka Jenkins, a woman who either dreams too much or just the right amount.

Contemporary romance with a dash of magic!

Bio: Mishka Jenkins has a talent for writing love stories in a variety of genres. She has self-published a handful of romance novels including her latest The Magic Spark a rom-com that blends contemporary setting with magical elements. She is also the author of popular titles: Stolen Bloodline, Heart of the Arena, and The Queen’s Jester to name a few. (Prophecy of Stones will be discussed in more detail during the interview). She also hosts a blog in which she connects with others and shares her passion for writing.

Mishka Jenkins lives in the UK with her family and fluffy muse, a rough collie named Harliquin, who she couldn’t write without.

On with the interview!!!!

Lit Chic: You have written several romance novels, mostly supernatural. Tell me, what about this genre strikes your interest?

Mishka Jenkins: I think it’s because the supernatural is something that is not everyday and ordinary. Life can sometimes be rather dull, but reading about paranormal and otherworldly can take me completely away from that reality and into a world where something exciting is happening.

Lit Chic: What is the best part about writing romance?

Mishka Jenkins: The idea that a bond between two people can be more powerful than anything else. Our world is filled with violence and war, so it’s nice to write about how love can conquer it.

Lit Chic: Tell me about your fantasy romance, A Prophecy of Stones. It’s gotten a lot of positive reviews. What is the inspiration behind this novel?

Mishka Jenkins: The idea for it came when I was watching a TV show about someone being chosen for a destined future. They didn’t want it to happen to them, and I realized this tends to be how all character chosen as being ‘special’ react. None of them ever want to be the chosen one. It got me thinking about writing a character who does want to be part of a prophecy, who does want to be a hero. But also, how they would react to others who didn’t want to be part of the same prophecy.

Check out the Book Trailor:

Lit Chic: What made you decide to become an author?

Mishka Jenkins: The realization that I could self-publish. I never liked the idea of handing over my work to a publisher, so when self-publishing became an option, I was straight there! My passion is writing and creating stories, so when the chance arose to turn that into a career that I had complete control over, I leapt on it.

Lit Chic: What is the best/worst part of being an author?

Mishka Jenkins: The best part of being an author is being able to throw myself into my passion everyday. Each day I can do what I love.

The worst part is the marketing. I am not a fan of pushing my work and books in people’s faces, but I need to market my work if people are going to know that I am out there. (Tell me about it!)

Lit Chic: How do you utilize social media to connect with other authors and promote your work?

Mishka Jenkins: I’m not the best at social media though, I have to admit. I use it mainly to help promote what others are doing. I am a big believer in supporting my fellow authors so use twitter and Facebook to help promote their blog posts and any new releases.

Lit Chic: You have a relatively strict blogging schedule. Does it benefit you? Would you encourage others to consider a blogging schedule?

Mishka Jenkins: Routines and schedules work really well for me, I love to be organized, so having a strict routine for blogging was a natural thing for me. I don’t think it would work for everyone, though it does help my readers to know exactly when I will be posting.

I think it’s important to find a schedule that works best for you and stick to it. Blogging everyday isn’t for everyone and is a big task, but even just posting once a week is better than nothing.

Lit Chic: In your blog, you record writing goals and track your progress in meeting them. Do you find this helpful? What is the benefit of setting goals?

Mishka Jenkins: I find that keeping a daily record of how well I am doing to achieving my monthly goals keeps me motivated. It shows me how much I have accomplished and gets me excited when I see how close I am to reaching the end!

Lit Chic: What is your advice to other writers?

Mishka Jenkins: Just write. Don’t worry about the ‘rules’ or if your story isn’t what’s popular at the moment. If you love writing, then write for you and it will all come together in the end.


Connect with Mishka Jenkins via social media!

That’s all folks! If you are interested in connecting with Mishka, visit her blog, or check her out on Twitter. She is also present on Goodreads and other social media sites. She’s very supportive of other authors, so get in touch!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this month’s featured author. I am currently scheduling for next year and have a few slots open. If you or someone you know is interested in being featured on my blog, contact me at Make sure to include “Featured Author” in the regarding line. See you soon!


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