Building the Comedic Fantasy Author Team


A rag-tag group of authors in league for cross-promotion. Craziness ensues. Like something out of a Terry Pratchett novel

Last week, I sent out an invitation on for all comedic fantasy and light fantasy authors to come join my new authors team. Since then, I’ve had a handful of super-awesome authors (published and pre-published) volunteer to join the ranks (or drink the Kool-Aid, as I like to call it). Several of them have already contributed ideas for group names, banners, and avatars. All of them have shown great enthusiasm. As the fearless leader of a soon-to-be group of rag-tag authors with unique and awesome superpowers, this inspires me to make this author’s team rock!

For those of you who’ve already contacted me to join the group, be checking your e-mails for a group message titled “Comedic Fantasy Author Team Bio.” I will need for you to complete it as soon as you can, because this information will be used for our team page. Once I receive everyone’s bio, the real work begins!

For those of you who are interested in joining the team, but have not contacted me yet, please send me an e-mail at with the words “Comedic Fantasy Author Team” in the regarding lines. It’s never too late to join.

Can’t wait to get this started. Remember, strength in numbers!


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