My Novel’s Current Status: Being Polished **Sparkle Sparkle**


It’s been a few months since I’ve updated the status of my novel. Last time, I believe I reported my novel to be “under construction” since I was making some serious edits at the time. Since then, I’ve made a lot of progress.


Polishing my novel inside and out

For one, the major edits are completed, thanks to the help of my friends/editors. (Hola!) I’m just down to the finishing touches. Like hanging framed artwork on a wall. No more drywall and 2X4’s for this girl! (Can I get a woot woot!)Then there’s the cover art, almost finished. The front cover is nearly complete, anyway (cover reveal coming soon. wink wink). I still need to tweak my blurb and find a suitable photograph for the back cover. Then there’s figuring out the formatting, but that can wait.

As I make the final touches to the novel, inside and out, I’m becoming more excited (and optimistic) about the finished project. After three years in the making, I can finally see an end–a strong end–to all my hard work. And I can’t wait to share it with everyone!


6 thoughts on “My Novel’s Current Status: Being Polished **Sparkle Sparkle**

  1. Oh, haha for the book. Wow, my mind is spacey. I was referring to the author’s team. Wow. The book comes out at the end of January. I’ll be having some give-a-ways leading up to the release date so stay tuned for more information!

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