Want to Participate in My “Favorite Things” Blog Tour in December? Here’s How!


Let’s share our favorite things!

November is almost over. Soon it will be December. I know, I know, brace yourself, winter is coming. Heck, it’s almost here. Besides snow and cold, winter also means holidays and celebrating our favorite things. What better way than to participate in my “Favorite Things” blog tour! Through the month of December, me and four other writers will be sharing our favorite things–no, not raindrops, and roses, and whiskers on kittens–favorite characters, scenes, & quotes from our books!

On Monday, December first, the tour begins with my favorite things. Then every Monday following a new blogger will share their favorite things, linking back to my post and teasing the next week’s participant. That leaves four openings for authors on December 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

Who wants to participate? Any takers?

If so, just post a comment below letting me know which date you’d like to participate. Please don’t commit to a day unless you are serious about doing this as I’d like to have uninterrupted posts each week. Plus, you’d be taking a slot from someone who might really want to do this. It’s first come first serve.

Remember, all you have to do is introduce your novel (Published or in-progress) and share some information about your favorite character, scene, and quote from your novel. Pictures are encouraged! (Feel free to use the Oprah picture). The goal is to have fun and practice talking about your novel.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at kyliebetzner@gmail.com

Can’t wait for December to begin!


37 thoughts on “Want to Participate in My “Favorite Things” Blog Tour in December? Here’s How!

    • You can have the 8th! It’s still open!

      Favorites from your own books you are writing. This is fun practice for talking about your own book. It’s a chance for authors to share something they really enjoy about their own works. Toot your own horn!

  1. DS Kane here, and ANY of the dates that are still available will work for me, but December 8 is best. I have a new book, GrayNet, Book 4 of the Spies Lie Series coming out next week and I could sure use the publicity. This one is now available for preorder at Amazon. Contact me at dskane@dskane.com if we’re good to go, and you can take a spy home for the holidays!

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