Check out The “Favorite Things” Blog Tour Lineup!


Not your usual suspects

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for everything we have. Black Friday–Thanksgiving’s arch nemesis–falls between the holidays and threatens to destroy the spirit of thanks. In the meantime, to keep things light, check out the “Favorite Things” blog tour! Through the month of December, me and a handful of other writers will be sharing our favorite things–no, not raindrops, and roses, and whiskers on kittens–favorite characters, scenes, & quotes from our books!

Here’s the tentative lineup:

Monday December 1st: Kylie Betzner (me!)
Monday December 8th: Ryder Islington and Jennifer Conway
Monday December 15th: Mrs. N (aka N. N. Light) and Lara Willard
Monday December 22nd: Anthony Renfro and D.S. Kane
Monday December 29th: Alison Jack, Noelle Granger, and Toni Betzner

Each member will, on there assigned day, post a short blog sharing the title of their published work or work in-progress, a brief synopsis if needed, and any other important information pertaining to that title. Then, they will tell us about their favorite character, describe their favorite scene, and share their favorite quote from that novel. The goal of this blog tour is to have fun, practice self-promoting, and share some things we like about our books. Thank you again to everyone who shared this event on Twitter and WordPress, and thanks in advance to all of the wonderful writers who have agreed to participate in this blog tour! See you on December first!


10 thoughts on “Check out The “Favorite Things” Blog Tour Lineup!

  1. I’m excited but nervous about this. You know me; I have such a hard time talking about my WIP with anyone but you. This should be good practice for me. Looking forward to seeing what others have to say about their books.

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