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Let’s share our favorite things!

December is finally here! And today kick starts my “Favorite Things” blog tour! Whoo-hoo! For the record, I’ve never started a blog tour before. This will be my first, so, hopefully I do it right. (crosses fingers).

The goal of this blog tour is for authors (published and pre-published) to get some practice talking about their novels. Mostly, it’s just for fun and to keep us thinking thankful thoughts! Hope you enjoy!

Today, I’m going to kick start the blog tour by sharing my favorite character, scene, and quote from my upcoming debut novel, an Arthurian parody called, The Quest for the Holy Something or Other.


Cover of said novel

Blurb: Enter the Realm of Camelot, home of famous legends: King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and Merlin—but this isn’t their story. Meet Pig, a humble gong farmer who dreams of the glories of Camelot. Her dreams become reality–or so she thinks–when she becomes Sir Kay’s page. What starts off as a joke soon becomes the adventure of Pig’s life when Merlin sends the knights on a quest for the Holy Gift Box–er–Bread Basket–whatever it is! On their quest, they face many knight-worthy, and some not-so-knight-worthy, foes: an insane pond dweller, several greedy salespeople, and an overzealous cache seeker, all the while fighting against time, mostly each other, and the most infamous villain of all—change. The Quest for the Holy Something or Other is a fresh and funny take on a well-known legend, with engaging characters, some rather good jokes, and something that starts with S, but it isn’t important.

On with the tour!

Favorite Character: 

Choosing my favorite character was like choosing a favorite candy filling: peanut butter, caramel, nugget–they’re all wonderful! But for the sake of this blog tour, you only get to pick one. It was a tossup between my two main characters: Pig and Kay, but I decided, in the long run, Kay is my favorite character. Canon to the Arthurian universe, Kay is true to legend; he is large (more gutty than muscular), quick-tempered, and a bit selfish, but I also tweaked the character specifically to my novel. My Kay is a bit misunderstood, sympathetic at times, and oftentimes hilarious! His sarcasm and witty observations are probably my favorite traits. He says it like it is, which gets him into a lot of trouble, but he’s also kind-hearted deep down. It takes time for new friendships to grow on him, like a moss, but once he’s declared you his friend, he’s steadfast and loyal. He’s a dynamic character who experiences a lot of growth during the story, and as a writer, that is always enjoyable.

Fun thought: If I could cast anyone to play my favorite character in my novel it would be Sean Bean, but he’d never take the role because Kay doesn’t die.

sean bean

One does not simply cast Sean Bean

Favorite Scene:

My favorite scene in the entire novel would have to be the one in which the knights all forsake their quests to purchase a grail at the market. It’s kind of like a black market but with medieval weapons and quest items. The scene is seen through the eyes of young Pig, Kay’s new page, who is still unconvinced that knights are just ordinary men capable of doing stupid things. This scene is a bit of an eye-opener for her. I’ve provided a small excerpt. Please enjoy:

At once, the men uttered their excuses for being at the market, none of them admitting to shopping for a grail. Supplies, souvenirs, and lodging were among the reasons, but Pig did not believe a one of them. Above the rabble, a man could be heard calling to them from a short distance. They all turned as Galahad came running up to them holding in his hand a shining golden grail with a sloppy cross scratched on its surface.

“Brethren, stop your search!” he called triumphantly. “I have found the grail!”

“The price sticker is still on it,” said Gawain, and Galahad promptly ripped it off. “That is nothing more than an ordinary cup. You can’t just scratch a cross on it and call it holy! That’s cheating!”

“That’s how he’s built himself up so far,” said Kay with a snort, earning himself a slap in the face from Galahad. Pig watched, dumbstruck, as Kay touched the red handprint on his cheek before punching Galahad square in the jaw. Galahad fell back into Bors, knocking him to the ground. Red with rage at the sight of his cousin’s humiliation, Gawain launched himself onto Kay. Lancelot, never one to be left out, threw himself between Bors and a stunned Galahad. Unkind words and heavy blows were traded. All the while, Percival continued to peruse the vast selection of grails that the merchant had to offer, hardly disturbed by the hubbub going on around him.

Pig watched the scuffle through eyes blurred by tears. The stories and songs never told of knights conducting themselves in this type of manner. Not only had they forsaken their quests, now they were fighting their brothers for cheap knockoffs. Such disgraceful behavior unbefitting the knights of Arthur’s court. At last Pig could not stand another minute.

“Stop it!”

The men paused in mid punch, kick, or whatever action they were committing to acknowledge the crier.

“You call yourselves knights? King Arthur would be ashamed.” Pig shook her head, unable to look at them in their current positions. They looked so foolish, so un-knightly. She thought it funny how Kay was always calling her a stupid child, but at least she wasn’t engaged in a street brawl.

Favorite Quote:

I might be cheating but my favorite quote actually counts as two. When Sir Kay and Pig are starting out on their journey, Pig is upset by how uneventful it is and says to Kay, “Adventures are supposed to be, well, adventurous.”

To this, he replies, “Adventures are only made exciting in the retelling of them.”

This–er–these quotes are my favorites because they say a lot about Pig and Kay and how they view things, while showing what Camelot and all that romantic chivalry junk is really about.

That’s all for me! I had a lot of fun completing this blog, even though it was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you enjoyed it. Please stay tuned next week when authors Ryder Islington and D.S. Kane will be sharing their favorite things!


18 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

    • Thank you, Carrie. They are all very colorful, even the supporting cast. I had participated in a “Meet My Main Character” blog tour a few months ago where I already got to talk about Pig. So, I figured it was Kay’s turn. Though tempted to talk about Pig again. haha.

      I can’t believe how hard it is to talk about your book. So glad I hosted this tour. It was good practice!

  1. “The goal of this blog tour is for authors (published and pre-published) to get some practice talking about their novels.”

    What a great writing practice and novel-marketing idea, to work on the summaries and blurbs which seem to be the bane of many of us. It’s too easy to say, “Well, I like *all* of it.”

    Here’s hoping that your Favorite Things Blog Tour takes off, and thank you for initiating it, Kylie.

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