The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies & Why It’s More than Just “the Defining Chapter”


Tonight, the third and final installment of Peter Jacksons’ loathed and loved trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, releases worldwide! Everywhere, fans, nerds, and their unfortunate partners-in-crime will flood the movie theaters to watch the defining chapter of the trilogy. But it’s more than just a defining chapter, it’s the final chapter in what has been, for fans, cast, and crew of the films, an amazing ride.

This movie not only wraps up the Hobbit films, but it also closes the curtain on the entire series, including The Lord of the Rings. The end credit song, The Last Goodbye sung by Billy Boyd (Pippin) serves as a final farewell to the series, the cast, the crew, the fans, and an era in general. That’s what makes it so touching. Take a moment to watch the music video and tell me the lyrics and clips don’t make you want to cry:

Billy Boyd is not the only one wishing a very fond farewell to the series. Stephen Colbert went all Hobbit on Entertainment Weekly, transforming himself into characters from The Hobbit for a photo shoot. On each cover, he farewells the characters (in costume) with captions such as “Goodbye Gandalf,” “Later Legolas,” and “Bye Bye Bilbo.” For all the laughs, it was a surprisingly moving tribute. Check out the video below:

But don’t worry, everyone, The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien is not gone for good. True, there will probably be no more movies, at least not by Peter Jackson (unless . . . **cough, cough** he turns The Silmarillion into a TV series), but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to enjoy Tolkien’s works by revisiting the films and books. Readers will not forget Tolkien, although they move on to newer, and dare I say, trendier things. Tolkien will remain because his stories are proven classics. Prattle all you want about Harry Potter, it hasn’t withstood the years like Tolkien. Not saying I don’t like the series, but it has not yet proven its longevity as Tolkien’s works have and always will.

Moving on. Don’t forget that all great classics live through parody. The Simpsons alone has kept alive great classics through cleverly inserted references in each episode. How many high school kids would know Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” if not for their Halloween special? How many of us watched The Planet of the Apes just because we saw it satirized on The Simpsons? Granted, I’m still disappointed the movie didn’t include a musical number for Dr. Zaius. But I digress, The Lord of the Rings has been spoofed time and again to the delight of fans and will continue to survive through parodies such as this recent one on Saturday Night Live:

So don’t, as they say in the Tolkien universe, fall into despair. It’s not truly over. As long as we continue to share Tolkien’s works with future generations, his words and world will endure. All who visit Middle Earth keep a piece of it in their hearts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have come away with all the feels. I know I’m a little chocked up about the series coming to a close, but I know there will be more Tolkien and Middle Earth to enjoy in the future.


11 thoughts on “The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies & Why It’s More than Just “the Defining Chapter”

  1. My hubs and youngest have plans to see it Saturday. They’re besides themselves with excitement. As you know from Twitter, I am not. But the promise of fresh popcorn might get me to join them. 😉

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