I’m Having a Hobbit Hangover And Final Thoughts on #BOFA (Warning Minor Spoilers!)


Official movie poster

Last night was such a high. My sister and I pulled Rylee out of school early to see the early showing of The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. (Only an irresponsible adult would keep a child up late to watch a movie–haha!) After the movie, we took pictures in front of the movie poster and threw a Hobbit-style after party complete with Hobbit-themed decorations, cake, and games. Music from all three movies played in the background, along with some of our favorites from The Lord of the Rings. And after the boy went to bed, we broke out the ale and cheese and discussed the movie in more depth.


We partied like it was Mereth Nuin Giliath (The Feast of Starlight)

To be honest the party provided a more satisfactory conclusion to the films than the movie did. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but it didn’t provide for me the catharsis and closure I expected. This may have been due to the lack of set-up, considering the film picked up right where it left off, with Smaug coming to burn down Laketown. There was no flashback or backtrack like in the second film to ease viewers back into the story. It was hard for me to be emotionally invested in characters that had little-to-no dialogue at the start of the movie. (Don’t get me started on the relationship between Tauriel and Kili). And after the dragon fell, there was little time to catch a breather before going into the final battle. And that’s what the movie was: a long battle–the title didn’t lie. For the casual viewer this was probably a godsend, but for me, it was a disappointment. I wanted to see more of the characters’ internal battles; instead I got a two-hour long external one.


Legolas, taking bat shit crazy to a whole new level

And some of the battle sequences were cringe-worthy. There are people riding down on carts, trolls with catapults, trolls with random attachments, and trolls with body disfigurement. Might as well have had a troll in a tutu performing battle ballet. But worse were the unbelievable stunts pulled off by Legolas. Usually, these are the highlights of the action scenes, but some of his moves were just bat shit crazy–he even rode on a bat, literally!

Probably my greatest disappointment was the lack of closure at the end of the film. This movie was supposed to conclude not only the three films, but the series in general. As a fan saying goodbye to what has become a huge part of my young adult life, I wanted an ending more satisfying than all the multiple endings of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King combined. But once the battle was over, the movie wrapped up quickly. More like a “see yah” than a “Last Goodbye.” (Sorry, had to make the pun).


Turns out, he’s not as cold as all that.

Bad CGI and over the top fight sequences aside, the movie really was worth seeing. There were plenty of wonderful scenes to make up for it, and as always, the characters were compelling. Bard, Thorin, and Bilbo were awesome as always, but the characters who really won the screen were Thranduil and Alfred. Yes, you heard me, Alfred! He was such a gem, offering comic relief and stealing every scene he was in. But never mind him–Thranduil! If ever you thought he was a cold and callous king you were wrong; this film reveals his sad back story and why he’s become the brooding king we love to hate in film two. If any of the scenes brought tears to my eyes it was his final one. Heartbreaking. Won’t spoil that for you!

photo 3 (1)

Not as cringe-worthy as this punch line: This bat was bred for one purpose . . . TO PARTY! (For those who saw the trailer, you’ll get this)

My final thoughts: go see this film with an open-mind. Don’t expect perfection. Roll with it and roll your eyes some too. It’s fun, moving, and at times cringe-worthy, everything we’ve come to expect from the Peter Jackson adaptations. It’s not the perfect end, but it’s still a good one.

Hope your experience is as enjoyable–or better–as mine. And if you’ve already seen the movie, take a moment to leave a comment below letting me know what you thought of it. I’m curious to know what others thought of the film or films in general.

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you all a very fond farewell!


28 thoughts on “I’m Having a Hobbit Hangover And Final Thoughts on #BOFA (Warning Minor Spoilers!)

      • I hear that a lot. Though I like him being in the movies, don’t get me wrong. I prefer them including him, but would have liked for them to have done more with him other than just stunts. I think I liked him better in the second film than the 3rd one because they didn’t go anywhere with him really. Too bad.

      • I think I was too busy yelling at the second film. My mind kept focusing on events that hurt continuity of the Lord of the Rings films, which tended to revolve around Legolas. I wonder if we’ll get special editions of those that put Tauriel in the background. Kind of like how they changed ghost Anakins in Return of the Jedi after the prequels. 😛

      • LOL, ghost Anakin. Yes, I remember him. Though with this series, I’ve just rolled with it because the Hobbit was never continuitious (not a word I guess) with The LOTR altogether. It was written more for children and with a different tone. It was more episodic and vague with details. I remember reading that Tolkien wanted to go back and rework it to better go with LOTR but was never able to make it match up perfectly.

        Personally I liked Tauriel but I too was bothered that her development came at the expense of Legolas and Thranduil.

        I do still enjoy the films, but the second was my favorite. Going to watch the third again this weekend just to examine it closer. haha.

      • Yeah, I agree. I had seen her being more of a catalyst character for Legolas and the elves, but not the case. PJ doesn’t write good romance anyway. She could have been a cool character without the romance.

      • Tolkien’s stories are hard to put a romance into since the only one was Aragorn/Arwen. She wasn’t even in the story outside of Rivendale. Maybe we’ll get a movie all about Tauriel.

      • Wait, what? I thought LOTR was a romance. Sam and Frodo were my hook-up. haha. But all seriousness The Silmarillion is full of romance, not good romance, but it’s all about hookups and suicides and whatnot. You know, romance. haha!

      • Yeah, but Tolkien’s estate has the rights to the Silmarillion. He sold the movie rights to Hobbit and LOTR before he died. Someone was explaining to me that his estate was against the movies and wanted the rights back, so I’m guessing they’ll never let Hollywood near the Silmarillion. It reminds me of ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ after that description. 🙂

      • I just read an article about that, ironically enough. I only hope the stalemate is broken before I die. I would love to see those stories portrayed as a TV series or a series of films. Not saying PJ does the best interpretation, but I enjoyed them, and they do help keep the love of Tolkien alive. Hmm, it does sound like “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”–haha!

      • I’m torn on the whole thing. As a reader, I’d love to see my favorite books on the big screen. As an author, I can understand the worry about it. I know Tolkien is beyond getting harmed by a bad adaptation, but it’s a rough call. I keep thinking about how ‘Eragon’ was huge until the movie came out and sunk.

      • I agree. The problem with that series is the movie called attention to and exagerated its flaws. People forgot a young man wrote it. And the movie was so bad it created anomisity tiward the author. That’s a good example. Glad you pointed it out.

      • I have to admit that I didn’t make it beyond the first 45 minutes. I worked at a Video store and watched it before it went on the shelf. Kind of walked out of the room when he used magic with no training. My wife left about 3 minutes earlier. I think the only adaptation that got worse treatment from us was Vampire’s Assistant. My wife loves the book series and came close to throwing a remote through her dad’s TV because of the movie.

      • Pretty much. There are many stories, mostly about elves and some people who were important in Middle Earth. The main villian is intriduced if course. I think it would be a difficult storyline for a movie but they could tackle a TV series. Lke Roots, it would change heroes with time.

  1. I bookmarked this post yesterday so I could return to it knowing I would see the movie today. My youngest son and hubs talked me into going with them. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen the first two, so I got tossed right into the mayhem. It was okay, but the endless battle scenes grew old. I enjoyed the visual feast though, from pretty elves to ugly trolls. And my popcorn was good, too. 🙂

    • Carrie, you made my day! I actually share your complaint. The two hour battle wore on me too, and some of the stunts–cringe! Personally, I liked the second movie better, so did my nephew. It was more . . . engaging.

      My sister and I are actually going to go see it again today to make a better opinion of it.

      Glad your popcorn was good:)

  2. I saw this post when it came out but didn’t read it because I hadn’t seen the movie yet. I had planned to come back to it after I saw the movie and then forgot to do it. I agree with just about everything you said about it. I liked the dragon sequence, and Alfred was hilarious. The rest of it didn’t really do much for me. And I thought the ending was terrible. I needed a lot more aftermath to have time to deal with what had happened to the sons of Durin. It would have been nice to have had some kind of funeral or something, even if it wasn’t in the book. That never stopped Jackson before. I also would have liked to see the official end of the battle. For all we know, it could still be going on. Did Beorn and Radagast survive? Much more wrap up was needed. I saw the first Hobbit movie in the theater three times, and the second movie twice, and couldn’t wait for them to come out on DVD. Once was enough for this one. I will get the DVD and watch it again at some point, but not with any anticipation. It’s too bad the series had to end on such a sour note.

    • I agree. So much wrap-up was needed that didn’t happen. I still enjoyed the movie and saw it twice in theaters. Will enjoy it on Blue-ray when it comes out. I think the 2nd film is my favorite of the series. And I agree, Alfred was hilarious. Probably one of the highlights of the film. lol

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