My Favorite Things Blog Tour: Final Week!


Let’s share our favorite things!

Welcome back everyone! I’m sure we’re all still a little hung over from the holidays, but it’s time for the fifth and final week of My Favorite Things Blog Tour! I know, the last four weeks flew by so quickly, didn’t they? It’s time for our last participants to share their favorite things–no, not raindrops, and roses, and whiskers on kittens–favorite characters, scenes, & quotes from their books!

Please check out Alison Jack, Noelle Granger, and my very own sister, Toni Betzner, the final participants in the Favorite Things Blog Tour! Just follow the links to their blog sites.

That’s all folks! Thank you again to everyone who shared on Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter! Sharing is greatly appreciated! Please don’t forget to support today’s participants. And, of course, a special thanks goes out to all the awesome authors who participated in this blog tour. It was so much fun sharing our favorite things! Let’s keep the spirit of thanks alive all year round!

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