Ready to Launch! Please Help My Debut Novel Take Off! Here’s How!


Hello everyone! I know I’ve been talking endlessly about my debut novel, but it’s coming out very soon, January 30th in fact, and so I’m gearing up for the big launch!

In advance, I’ll be hosting a month-long treasure hunt/sweepstakes-type-of-thing as well as participating in several featured author spots. (More info to come). And on the day of, I’ll be hosting a type of launch party on my Twitter site @kbbetzner. I’d like to keep things fun and lively and get as many likes and shares as possible on that date.

So what the heck am I asking for? Basically, I’m not asking much, but if you’d like to support me on my big day, please commit to some or all of the following:

  • Share my book-related posts and author interviews with your followers.
  • Visit my Twitter account. Likes are nice but RTs are better!
  • Request an advanced review copy and post a review on Amazon.
  • Get the word out. Word of mouth is tried and true marketing.
  • Take part in the sweepstakes/treasure hunt. There will be prizes!
  • Feature me on your blog (if that’s something you do)
  • Cheer me on!

And please keep in mind, I am always willing to return the favor. I am a huge believer in the give and take system and authors helping authors. That’s why I started Lit Chic. Sure, I needed an author’s platform, but more so, I wanted a platform to connect authors with readers, writers with editors, and vice versa. Please, don’t hesitate to shout out when you need help. I remember those who help me and aim to return all favors.


A Lannister always repays their debts.

Disclaimer: I do not participate in review swaps or anything dubious of that nature. We all have reputations to uphold.

To those who have already offered to read my book or promote me on their blog site, thank you thank you and a hundred times thank you!

Please leave a comment below or contact me at if you’d like to get involved. In advance, I thank you!


59 thoughts on “Ready to Launch! Please Help My Debut Novel Take Off! Here’s How!

    • Hi there. It’s called The Quest for the Holy Something or Other. It’s an Arthurian parody that offers a fresh spin on an old legend. There’s more infornation about it on the “My Writing” tab to your left of my post if you’d like more details. Thank you gor your interest:)

  1. You’re my kind of writer, Kylie! Following you now on WP and Twitter. Excellent job getting your ducks in a row before you start, too! I was like Manuel from Faulty Towers when I published my debut in September; “I’m from Barcelona… I know NOTHING!” Love the Arthurian legend, Douglas Adams, Pratchett and Piers Anthony and got tickets for Denver Comicon in May. Might just have to read yours! Who am I kidding?! No ‘might’ about it!

  2. I always enjoy tweeting my fellow tweeps’ book releases, so I’ll be happy to retweet your launch when the time comes. Good luck. I know it will be a busy month for you! (Or two!)

  3. I’m more than willing to help. You can email me ( with what you would like me to post about your book on that day. I’m always open to helping out.

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