Happy Hump Day! What’s the Status on Your WIP?


Happy Hump Day, everyone! I had meant to share a writer’s resource with you all today or a fun book recommendation, but after my mom’s appointments, I was feeling a little run down so I thought to perk myself up–and anyone else who is having a sluggish hump day–with a fun video!

Considering the week I’ve had, with flat tires, viewings, and mom’s appointments, it’s safe to say I haven’t met my mid-weekly goal. Hoping the second half of the week goes better!

Well, that’s my status report. How’s your WIP progressing? How’s your week been? Hoping yours is going better than mine. If not, here’s a little video to help. Enjoy!


23 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day! What’s the Status on Your WIP?

  1. Jon

    Yeah, but, no, but, you got to hold your own book! That’s all kind of awesome right there. This is a sign that your week is about to improve.

    My week is much better than last, I have a fun new story on the go, and it is coming along very well. Novels, you say? I’m pretending they’re not there just for a bit …

    • Thank you, Jon. It just came in to wake me up and cheer me up after a crummy day. Feeling better, thank you:)

      Glad to hear you have some fun ideas floating around:) And breaks are the best thing for inspiration sometimes. Happy you’re having a better week so far, Jon. Always glad you stopped by!

    • Oh, me too! Trying to keep my positive perspective. Which has helped tremendously. Thought others might be feeling the Wednesday drag too.

      Thanks, always, for stopping by . . . oh, and for the sexy Lee Pace video;)

  2. Hope the second half of your week goes well. I’m trying to push myself through the ‘final act’ of my latest WIP. I think. Hard to tell since I’m writing the 9th book and still haven’t tackled edits on the 7th. This is the 9th book though. My goal is to write the final battle before passing out Friday night and finish the whole thing next Tuesday. Fingers would be crossed, but I need them for typing.

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