Support Nonlocal Science Fiction–A New Kind of Sci-Fi magazine that’s Out of this World!


Attention science fiction fans, Nonlocal Science Fiction is approaching critical mass and your support is needed to help it take off!


Recently revealed cover

What  is Nonlocal Science Fiction?

It’s a quarterly digital magazine published by 33rd Street Digital Press (a new independent publishing company) featuring short stories and serials from emerging science fiction authors from around the world–this world;) The first issue launches on March 14th!

What makes it so unique?

Nonlocal partners with its authors directly and offers them a share of the profits from the sale of the magazine rather than a per-word rate. Also, authors are involved in the marketing campaign which helps independent authors increase sales.

Who will appear in Issue #1?

Issue #1 promises awesome talent with stories by:

  • Valery Amborski (“Us and Everybody Else”)
  • Robert Paul Blumenstein (“Delivery to Venus”)
  • Dan Colton (A Thin Atmosphere, Chapter 1)
  • Daniel J. Dombrowski (“Mazep-fal”)
  • Reva Russell English (“Marigold’s Memory”)
  • Aaron Hamilton (“Catalyst”)
  • Thad Kanupp Jack (Dead Gone Bad, Chapter 1)
  • Nicholas Rossis (“Shoot the Devil”)
  • Jim Rudnick (“The Assistant Assistant Port Keeper”)
  • H.C. Turk (“In the Days of Still Pictures”)

Want a sample?

Here’s a short snippet from “In The Days Of Still Pictures” by H. C. Turk:

At the desert’s edge, where dry heat created transient visions, sat the town of Vargo, Dakoda Territory, population low and unknown in the year 1873. Remarkable the newcomers passing through. Miners heading for the promised platinum out west just stopping for some drugs at the saloon. Damn herd of elephants ran right through the streets once. Really tore up the place. Your big city journalist seeking the “truth of the Amerigan frontier,” like a profundity misplaced.

Some people stayed for one reason or none, for one duration or another. The photographer, Mizzer Benjumin Roze, had been present a month, but not many people could afford his family portraits. A traveling salesman changed that, providing Mzr. Benjumin with a plenitude of business, an enterprise to unhinge this Erth frontier…


Ready to offer your support?

Click here to support the Kickstarter, which will cover all costs to publish the first issue and other such costs. Also, every backer receives a copy of the magazine (awesome sauce!) and has the chance to get limited edition merchandise and additional eBooks from authors appearing in Issue #1. Is that cool or what?

Can’t wait until March?

Visit the website for your chance to get limited edition and advance copies of the newest science fiction magazine on the block! Follow the publisher on Twitter and Facebook for updates as they are posted.

Happy Hump Day , everyone!


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