Some Humor to Brighten Your Monday Morning


The book cover

Happy Monday, everyone! Or should I be perky at my own risk? Let’s face it, Monday’s suck. So, I’ve decided to share a short excerpt from my new novel, The Quest for the Holy Something or Other to brighten your day.

This excerpt follows the feast in which the new table was revealed and Kay’s new page, Pig, was introduced. From the dialogue, it’ll be easy to see how both knight and page feel about their new arrangement. Keep in mind, Kay still thinks Pig is a boy so she is being referred to as he. Please enjoy:)

After the feast, Kay led his new page down the hall to the page’s wing. All the while, Pig babbled on about Lancelot’s tale, repeating his favorite lines, and even attempting some of his poses.

Kay rubbed his temples in a vain attempt to relieve his aching head. The motion helped, but nothing could be done for the throbbing of his eardrums while the child prattled on and on and on . . .

“I can’t wait to hear tales of your adventures, milord,” Pig continued. “Is it true you have the ability to grow as tall as the tallest tree in the forest and that you can radiate supernatural heat from your hands?”

“Those are just stories, lad,” said Kay. “And don’t count on hearing any stories from me. I’m a steward. I don’t go on adventures. No, I stay with the castle.”

“Can you imagine fighting off 50 knights without rest?” Pig’s eyes glazed over as he tried to recreate the scene in his mind.

“Not really.” Kay paused and for a moment made a serious attempt to do so himself. The image came with difficulty and looked ridiculous. He added an arrow in Lancelot’s head and a spear through his chest. That was more realistic and entertaining. He snickered and then continued down the hall.

“And to find one’s name under a stone, it’s unbelievable!” Pig continued.

“It sure is,” said Kay. At this point, Pig was practically spoon feeding him one-liners.

“All right, lad, this is your room.” Kay was never so relieved to see a door. He quickly opened it and pushed the child through the doorway. “You should make yourself at home best you can until a servant brings you your things from home. For starters, I’d recommend a bath. You will begin studies immediately. You are entitled to one personal servant—”

“That won’t be necessary, milord,” said Pig. “I can take care of my own needs.”

“Fine then, just don’t bother me until tomorrow afternoon,” Kay grumbled, and made sure to add, “And take that bath.”

“Yes, milord.”

Kay slammed the door in the child’s smiling face. At last free of his new page, Kay made his way to his own chambers. Once there, he hoped to get a good night’s rest and awake the next day to find that this had been a terrible nightmare, but his heartburn told him this was reality.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re interested in downloading a larger sample, click here to visit the Amazon sales site, no purchase necessary. Happy Monday!


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