Celebrating 300 followers!


It’s Friday, which on its own is cause enough for celebration, but on this particular Friday I am celebrating another milestone in my blog’s growth. This week, my blog reached 300 followers! Whoo hoo! Now I’m ready to take on the Persians . . . I mean, bring on the weekend!

I want to thank all of my friends and followers on WordPress for always supporting me and encouraging me to stick with it. I know 300 is not considered a large following to anyone (except Leonidas maybe and even he sent for reinforcements), but considering I started with one follower (my sister), this is a huge stepping stone for me.

Thanks again for the support, and to show my appreciation, here’s a fun video from Penguins of Madagascar so you can join the celebration:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


18 thoughts on “Celebrating 300 followers!

  1. MRS N, the Author

    WHOO HOO! Way to go Kylie! *throws confetti* No matter how small, it’s a milestone and thus, needs celebrating! Now, where did I put that batch of cupcakes??? 😉

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