Do You Write Naked?


It’s just another mundane Monday morning . . . or is it? For your weekday entertainment, I’ve created a poll asking writers about their weird writing habits. Whether it’s writing naked or writing while on the toilet, we all have our weird writing quirks. So please, if you’re a writer (and I use that term very loosely) take a moment to complete the survey. And remember this is for posterity so please be honest. Just kidding, it’s for fun!


Happy Monday, everyone!


24 thoughts on “Do You Write Naked?

  1. MRS N, the Author

    Hmmm, wonder where you got that idea from? 😉 I write in my pajamas, usually Winnie the Pooh or Snoopy.

  2. I often write while standing up or walking slowly on my treadmill (I have a plastic treadmill shelf to hold my laptop which I love). But naked? Never. This reserved introvert is already blushing…

  3. I”m lucky in that I often have time to add a few paragraphs here and there at work, so that’s where I do most of my writing, dressed for the office. When I DO write at home it’s usually in sweats or yoga pants but that happens so rarely I didn’t choose the pajama route.

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