Indiana Comic Convention: The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy


Since I first learned of comic conventions and cosplay, I’ve always wanted to take part, only I never had the courage to dress up and go–that is, until my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her illness taught me that time is not promised, so don’t wait to do the things you love to do or want to do. That is why I cosplay. My first convention was Kokomo-Con 2014. My sister and I went as Mirkwood elves. This past Saturday we resurrected our costumes and attended the Indiana Comic Convention in Indy.

unnamed (4)

It’s raining money!

As always one of the highlights of the event was seeing the other people in costume. There were so many amazing costumes there on Saturday! Some of my favorites were the butterfly men from Venture Bros, Pimpin’ Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group. I also enjoyed taking pictures with various characters from Game of Thrones. The guy dressed as Ned Stark, in particular, took some awesome photos . . . mostly of us killing him with our props, but it was fun. My favorite cosplayers, by far, were the other Tolkien inspired characters. I must have encountered six other Tauriels and two other Thranduils, not to mention a female Gandalf who was surprisingly convincing. I got some great photos of us posed as a group. (See above.)

unnamed (2)

The Mirkwood Elves

Mostly, I was impressed by the sense of community among cosplayers and those attending the group out of costume. Everyone was so positive, polite, and fun to hang out with. We made so many new friends on Saturday that I doubt we’ll ever attend a convention at which we don’t know anyone. It reminded me of the writer’s community . . . speaking of which . . . I was surprised that one of the downfalls of the event came from meeting a fellow writer. He seemed nice enough, but his editor shamed me publicly for publishing my novel independently, bragging on how they produced the book in just under two months. She discouraged me from attending such events, saying that customers wouldn’t take me seriously because of the stigma on Indie publishers. I left that encounter with a bad taste in my mouth.

unnamed (1)

The Butterfly Men

But after leaving her booth and encountering pimpin’ Bilbo Baggins and several other cool cosplayers, I felt a lot better, and was reminded that one person’s opinion is only that, and I shouldn’t let it take away from my sense of accomplishment or from the fun I was having that day.

Overall, it was a good day and we greatly enjoyed it. We’ll definitely be doing this again, though probably not as Hobbit characters. I think I’ll be retiring the red wig and elf ears in exchange for a Game of Thrones inspired costume. We’ll see. If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of my cosplay, please check out my Cosplay Photo Diary here.


19 thoughts on “Indiana Comic Convention: The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy

  1. Doctor Girlfriend and the Henchmen! Forgot their numbers though. All the costumes look great. Sorry about the encounter though. Indie authors get that a lot and its usually from other editors and authors. I attended the local writer’s group here and the only published author tried to convince me to not get into the business at all. I knew the person was trying to do me a favor, but it didn’t make me want to come back. As you can see, I didn’t take that advice. Maybe getting the ‘indie author bad’ comment is a milestone. 🙂

  2. MRS N, the Author

    Awww I loved looking at the pictures! Thanks for sharing, Kylie! A snobby editor? GASP! Catch me, I may faint! LOL! Listen, the whole traditional publishing model is failing at a faster rate than I care to calculate (can’t count that high in seconds). The stigma is there because writers/editors/publishers are scared of us indies! Just think of them like the Death Star and the Rebellion (indies) is coming fast on their heels! *hugs*

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