Editor Sarah Wright is Open for Business!


Psst, you. Yes, you. Are you a writer? Are you looking to have your short story or novel professionally edited? Well, you’re in luck. My friend and editor Sarah Wright is opening up limited slots at prices that can’t be beat for both content editing and copy editing. She is open to different genres, though I know she is most fond of speculative fiction and historical fiction. Though, she did stomach my comedic fantasy novel. Haha!

Actually, she did an amazing job editing my debut novel The Quest for the Holy Something or Other. You will see it’s shy of errors and quite readable. She also made some fun suggestions in regards to character names and other such details.

Prices for her introductory month, ending April 30, will be $16 per hour for copy-editing and $19 per hour for content editing. This is well below the average for these services as listed in both the “2015 Writer’s Market” and on the Editorial Freelancers Association’s website.

Services will be paid through PayPal, and she will require a partial upfront payment, which will be determined by the project (whether it is a short story or novel, or if it will be copy-edited or content edited); the remainder will then be invoiced and due after services have been rendered. To learn more about these services, visit her blog.

If you have ever wanted to have your work professionally edited, don’t miss out on this opportunity; you will not find lower prices, so take advantage of them!

icon-for-facebookAbout Sarah Wright: She is a 2009 graduate of Purdue University, where she majored in professional writing. Currently, she is employed by The Papers Inc. Through this company, she serves as a staff writer, copy editor and editor. She started as the copy editor of “The Municipal” magazine approximately three years ago before moving on to also copyediting “Home Indoor Outdoor Living,” prior to it moving out of office, and several of the company’s other publications. A year ago she was named as the editor of “Michiana House and Home.” She’s very familiar with both AP Style and the Chicago Manual of Style. In the past, she has also edited others’ short stories and novels including that by yours truly;)

7 thoughts on “Editor Sarah Wright is Open for Business!

  1. Thanks, I may be looking for an editor in the next month and a half as soon as my local readers have finished with their input and I’ve reviewed them and made adjustments to my new novel, “The Ghosts of Ukuthula”.

    • Awesome! She’s definitely one to consider. I work with two–three technically–and I wouldn’t be without a one of them. Personally, I think Sarah’s a great copy-editor but I really really enjoyed her advise on content. Check her out!

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