Just for Fun: My Novel’s Playlist … According to my Editor


So, it’s Friday, and I’ve spent the entire day editing my WIP, albeit in a variety of locations, but editing all the same. So, one of my editors (also a close friend of mine) sent back one of my chapters filled with comments, some of which did not contain constructive feedback, but something waaaay more enjoyable.

Just for fun, here are a few of the songs she picked to describe the following scenes: 1. a pairing between two social outcasts. 2. an ogre’s obsession with birds, 3. a friend scene, and 4. don’t ask. Enjoy!

So … I imagine this tells you very little about my book … or it tells you a lot. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the videos! Stay tuned for more information about my WIP!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! (and for those of you who live outside the United States) just have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Just for Fun: My Novel’s Playlist … According to my Editor

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    I look forward to working with you and look forward to offering you my services!

    – Jason

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