My Novel’s Current Status: Under Construction (Beep Beep Boop)


Have you ever drove by a construction site and wondered what the heck is taking them so long? They’ve been at it for weeks, and yet they haven’t made any noticeable progress. They’re just making a big mess. I’m sure my readers would think the same thing if they saw my work in progress right now.


Beep beep boop

It is currently under construction, which means it’s in the editing process. Most of the work is done. The walls are up and the foundation is laid. Aside from the roof, most of what needs done is just aesthetics. The walls need painted. Curtains need hung. And some of the flooring might need to be redone. I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked out that tile. Yikes!

How does roofing and wallpaper translate in writing terms? Let’s just say the final edits are coming along, but it still needs a title, as well as a cover. Yikes! With the release date fast approaching I can’t believe how much work still needs done! In the meantime, I’m going to bust my butt and hope for a stroke of luck!

What’s the status of your WIP? Under construction? Being polished **sparkle, sparkle, shine** Hopefully yours is coming along better than mine. Regardless, have a happy Monday!


20 thoughts on “My Novel’s Current Status: Under Construction (Beep Beep Boop)

  1. Depends on which one you’re talking about. The next release is being polished while I wait for the final cover art. So I’m editing and outlining other works. Things take time and everyone has their own speed. I’m sure you’ll be ready for the release date. Titles and covers are definitely a pain, so maybe you can use your blog to help.

  2. This is wonderful. My WIPs are both under construction and being polished. Wait, I can hear the sounds of the construction vehicles coming behind me. Cutting of sections and revision will occur!

  3. I’m working on the second draft of my WIP, but that will get slowed down as I prepare for my second book’s publication. But I love when I get to this revision phase. As you say, the foundation is there; now I just get to pretty it up.

    Good luck to you!

  4. Because of how I write, different sections of my book are in different stages. But, I always start with a title! For me, the title shapes the whole book, and I can’t write anything without my title, even my “chapters” get titles, which in turn helps me shape them!
    Overall I would say it has the foundation laid, the walls are up, and the downstairs is mostly complete, but the upstairs still has a bit of insulation to go in! (And actually I relate how I write to building a house, because I work in stages *grins*)

    • That’s an interesting method, which actually describes my last project. First half was polished while second half was in rewrites. It also had a title early on which helped. This one not so much.

      So, curious. How do you keep track of the overall progress of the work? Do you have a revision checklist or a spreadsheet?

      • ummm I just know what I have done. And, I have always used things like (an amazing website, you should check out!), (another really amazing website!), and OneNote (where I started, the best ever Microsoft program!), and these days I have gotten Scrivener, which I have fallen MADLY in love with! And the really cool thing with Scrivener! I have all my story in there, and even the stuff I am working on for Camp NaNo! Those scenes just have a Camp NaNo status! I am really loving it! Not to mention the snapshot thing! Everything, including my research right there… yeah. I love it *laughs*

  5. I’m a little jealous. LOL
    My WIP is still heavily under construction… I’d say I finished the fundaments and I’m working on the walls right now. The windows are calculated, but so far I haven’t reached the appropriate height to start building them. *sigh*
    Some days are better than others, but it seems the heat does not feel good to the concrete… it’s melting. 😉

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