Disney • Pixar – The Good Dinosaur – Official US Trailer


So, I just stumbled upon the official US trailer for Disney • Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, set to release on Thanksgiving. Previous trailers have sparsely shown the main characters: a green herbivore and a feral child, choosing instead to focus on shots of scenery and herds of dinosaurs running around. This newest trailer finally introduces our heroes and gives us a glimpse into the relationship that will drive this film.

For the record, I’m a die-hard Disney • Pixar fan. My favorite movies (after the LOTR trilogies) are Brave, Frozen, UP, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, etc. I love how these movies generate all the feels, making audiences laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneous. So, imagine my disappointment when this newest trailer did not inspire me to see the film.

I’m not sure if it’s the dinosaur’s design (a little juvenile) or the boy and his dog story line that has me so uninspired. Or maybe the problem is my expectations are too high. I don’t know. All I’m hoping is that the film exceeds my current expectations. And who knows, maybe it will.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, I’ve provided it below. After watching it, please share your comments below. I’d really like to know your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Disney • Pixar – The Good Dinosaur – Official US Trailer

  1. I’ve only heard of this recently and I feel that it’s going for a younger audience than previous Pixar movies. My reason for thinking this is because it doesn’t seem as epic. Brave made it seem like it was a battle for identity and Frozen had a kingdom at stake. This reminds me more of Homeward Bound and Ice Age with the ‘mix-matched’ characters having to travel through a dangerous wilderness. So it might be an issue of scale when compared to previous ones. Could also be that a feral child and a dinosaur don’t give people anyone to connect to, especially if there isn’t much talking.

    As far as the dinosaur design, it does look rather clunky and childish. I’m guessing they did that to make it more obvious that its a child as well.

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