It’s Official: I’m a Unicorn!


Yeah, you heard me! I’m a bleeping unicorn! I grant wishes and run around just being awesome. Okay, maybe I’m not a real unicorn by mythical standards, but I have been casted as one for Ole Olsen’s theatrical rendition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. To be completely honest, I am not familiar with this character beyond the movie. I didn’t even know there was a unicorn when I auditioned. So, it’s a pleasant surprise.

This is my first role since high school, so I’m a little rusty. I used to be active in theater during high school. I was even a member of the International Thespian Society. But adulthood kind of got in the way. But who could resist trying out for play based on C.S. Lewis’ beloved children’s books? Not me.


If all else fails …

So, I’m not sure what my costume is going to look like yet. I have a few concepts that range from the very artistic to the more subtle. This is definitely a test of my cosplay skills. If this costume looks good, I’m taking it on the road, along with my sister’s centaur costume. Yeah, you heard me right; my sister was casted as a centaur. For those who aren’t familiar with mythology and mythical creatures, a centaur is a half-horse, half-human creature that usually rocks armor and a long bow. Even for an experienced cosplayer, this is a challenging costume, especially if you want the back legs to move … which my sister does.

As we make progress on our costumes, I’ll be sure to share. I know my sister is using her day off to make body armor. Tonight is the first official practice, just a read-through of the play, but I’m looking forward to meeting the other cast members and learning more about my character. Who knows, maybe theater will become my new favorite hobby.


10 thoughts on “It’s Official: I’m a Unicorn!

  1. Dearest Kylie. Be happy to be a unicorn! They’re amazing, beautiful, strong, magical! (Do you know the Calvin and Hobbes comics? Calvin had a play where he was an onion!) I think you’re by far better being a unicorn. 😀

    • Yeah, at first I was a little disappointed not to be a witch, but the unicorn role has definitely grown on me. Looking forward to sharing the costume pics … once I get it together. haha!

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