Introducing the Key Players in My Upcoming Release, The Wizard’s Gambit


symbol colorIn less than two weeks, my latest title, The Wizard’s Gambit, will be available on Amazon in both paperback and electronic formats. Whoo-hoo! However, I can’t wait until then to introduce you to the main characters. They’re just so awesome you need to meet them now!

Mongrel: For the record, he is of no relation to Pig in The Quest for the Holy Something or Other; in fact, he’s from an entirely different world, one of my own creation. Abandoned or lost as an infant, Mongrel is the product of many cultural influences and therefore identifies with all the races of the six–er–seven kingdoms. This puts him at quite the advantage–or disadvantage–in the competition. His goal is not to win, but to unite the kingdoms … which is a lofty goal considering his own group can’t even get along. Nonetheless, Mongrel stays true to his objective and his friends.

Littlehammer: Admittedly, one of my favorite characters, Littlehammer is stalwart, stubborn, and downright hilarious. She is the only daughter of Warhammer Ironmonger, Queen of the North Mountain, but she holds her own against her brothers and the other competitors. Named for her weapon of choice, she is a tough little gal, who takes on anyone in her path. But she also has a big heart. Family is important to her, and she’s a true friend for life.

Laerilas: Don’t be thrown off by his girly name; only masculine names end in las. Actually, he’s a total wuss, even for an elf; and to make matters worse he’s magically challenged, which makes him the most useless member of his group. The only reason he’s even in the competition is because he wheedled his way into the elf king’s guard, not by merit, but by luck. But in this competition, luck may be all he needs … if it doesn’t run out.

Grrargh: It’s questionable whether this is his actual name or just the sound he made when asked. Regardless, he answers to it. It suits him anyway, considering he’s an ogre with a bad reputation for eating people, and horses, and pretty much anything within reach. But there might be more to Grrargh than appearances suggest.

Tikaani: The youngest competitor in Wizard White Beard’s competition, but even at 12, she’s a fierce fighter … when she’s not running for her life. Though she’ll never own up to her cowardice. And why should she when she can summon a pack of wolves with her amulet?

Akono: Strong-willed representative from the Southlands. I can’t say too much about this character without giving away their secret.

Margo: Wizard White Beard’s apprehensive apprentice. With black hair, violet eyes, and dark robes, she makes a depressing first impression, but she might be more optimistic than even she knows when Mongrel enters the competition with intent of bringing peace. Sold by his charisma and determination, as well as his good-looks, Margo becomes his best supporter, with a nudge from her mentor, of course. With her witty remarks and magical mishaps, Margo is sure to be a favorite among readers.

The Wizards Gambit ebook coverThese are just a few of the awesome people you’ll meet in the six–er–seven kingdoms. There are several other interesting characters, including “villains” that I intentionally excluded.

If you’re interested in an advance review copy, please email me at and include the words “Advance Review Copy” in the regarding lines. I thank you in advance for your support:)

And please stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming release of The Wizard’s Gambit!


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