I’m Hosting an Online Scavenger Hunt! Rules, Prizes, and More!


Only one more day until the release of my new book, The Wizard’s Gambit, and since the majority of the story centers around a high-stakes scavenger hunt, I thought it might be fun to host a sort of scavenger hunt right here on my blog!

symbol colorOn Saturday October 17th, at the start of my online book launch party, I’ll officially open the scavenger hunt to anyone who wants to participate. All “hidden items” should be inserted by then;)

Starting at 11 a.m., participants can search my past blog posts to find the “hidden items” that will help them answer 5 questions pertaining to the author and the book. (Hint: look for the image to the right).

Questions will be posted on the Facebook event page. Participants should submit their answers to all five questions to kyliebetzner@gmail.com. I will note the time the message was received. The first 3 people to submit their answers to all 5 questions will win a prize!

The Wizards Gambit ebook cover1st place: A $5 Amazon gift card and a free copy of my ebook

2nd place: A $5 Amazon gift card which you can use to buy a copy of my ebook **cough, cough**

3rd place: A free copy of my ebook

Everyone who submits their answers by 3 p.m. on Saturday is automatically entered into a drawing for the chance to win a free copy of my ebook.

The winners of the contest will be announced at 3 p.m. on the Facebook online book launch events page, and prizes will be distributed within one to two weeks.


  • Don’t answer questions in the comments. That will ruin the game.
  • Don’t email me individual answers in separate e-mails. Wait until you get them all.
  • Don’t be a sore loser. This is just for fun. I’m sure I’ll host another contest again soon.
  • Don’t give up!
  • Do have fun! That’s the point of these things, isn’t it?

Any questions? Post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

One more thing. Please help spread the word! Games are always more fun with more players!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the book launch party! Until then, have a fantastic Friday!


7 thoughts on “I’m Hosting an Online Scavenger Hunt! Rules, Prizes, and More!

  1. MRS N, the Author

    Wait, you mean I can’t pout and stomp my feet while twirling in a circle when I don’t win??? :p Sounds like an epic adventure and I shared on twitter. Good luck to all and congrats Kylie!

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