Looking Back and Moving Forward


2015 was supposed to be the kick-ass year to knock all the crap back into 2014 like the fist hidden behind Chuck Norris’ beard. While it certainly was a better year than its predecessor, I can’t say it was as super-awesome as it was supposed to be. I don’t know. Maybe it’s worth a second glance.

Looking Back

According to Facebook’s 2015 Year in Review, I had a busy year. Here are some of the highlights from 2015:

Publishing Two Freaking Novels: No wonder my editors are burned out. (Hope they’re ready for the next wave). My original goal was to publish one book a year. This year, I surpassed that goal.

Awesome Author Events: One of the best parts of being a published author is hosting author events. This year I must have attended at least five public events including the Read Local Author Event at the Kokomo Howard Community Public Library, Kokomo-Con 2015, and several First Friday events in downtown Kokomo. Meeting potential readers, selling books, and sharing laughs during these events make being an author worthwhile. I hope to attend even more events next year.

Community Theater: One of the highlights of the year was taking part in Ole Olsen’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. As the unicorn, I got to dress pretty and act silly on stage. Plus, I got to cover my skin in glitter. Sparkle, sparkle, sheen! More importantly, I got to work with some awesome people who made the production totally worth doing, even when the director was being an asshole.

Cosplay: Speaking of creature creation … My sister and I (mostly my sister) built a walking centaur costume that didn’t look like crap! Since it won third place in the costume contest at Kokomo-Con, we’re pretty confident in our abilities. Can’t wait to start work on next year’s costume.

Moving Forward

Looking back, 2015 was as pretty good year. But 2016 is going to be even better. My goals are to publish another book in The Six—Er—Seven Kingdoms series, complete a super-cool creature costume  for Indy-Con, attend lots of author events, and continue to be a super-awesome auntie, sister, daughter, and friend.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Regardless, I hope you have a Happy New Year!



15 thoughts on “Looking Back and Moving Forward

  1. Very exciting year. Love the costumes and curious to see what you’re making next year. Not a fan of resolutions since I can never keep them. Just hoping next year has some level of success even if it’s small.

  2. I have to admit I stopped with the traditional ‘New Year’ resolutions a long time ago. Whenever I couldn’t accomplish one it felt like a broken promise to myself. And I finally decided to work on being a good person and do what I feel useful, helpful or supportive instead of feeling ashamed for broken promises…

  3. Publishing two books in one year sounds pretty great to me! And all those author and cosplay events — not bad at all. I only have one goal for myself at this point and that’s to get my second book published, hopefully in April. After that, I’ll set a new goal. Happy New Year to you! Hope 2016 is better than ever.

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