Hold Onto Your Butts: The Wizard’s Gambit Kindle Countdown Deal Begins!


It’s Monday morning, everyone! And what better way to start the week than with a new book? How about a comedy by yours truly?

The Wizards Gambit ebook coverThe Wizard’s Gambit is a hilarious tale of magic, mayhem, and misadventure that turns the classic fantasy universe on its head. A must-read for anyone who enjoys comedic fantasy. The story centers around a ginger-haired outcast named Mongrel who dreams of uniting the warring kingdoms. He gets his chance when Wizard White Beard hosts a high stakes scavenger hunt to determine the fate of all. The rules are clear: no weapons and no bloodshed. Just clean, honest competition. Simple enough, if only the contestants would follow them. With the fate of the world at stake, it’s up to Mongrel, an orphan with an unconventional upbringing, to intercede. Joined by a hodgepodge group of misfits, including a gentle giant, a magically challenged elf, a feisty female dwarf, and a reluctant wizard’s apprentice, Mongrel just might stand a chance of winning—if he can survive! Think Middle Earth meets Rudolph’s The Island of Misfit Toys.

So far, the novel’s received only 4 and 5 star ratings and some rather flattering reviews:

“Kylie Betzner effortlessly combines elements of Terry Pratchett, The Princess Bride, and a Mel Brooks movie into the beautifully funny story that is The Wizard’s Gambit. I cannot express to you how hilarious it is. It’s filled with magic, mystery, death, and extreme animosity between the characters. I mean, talk about one hell of a party. The characters are so well drawn out that I could picture every single one of them perfectly in my mind’s eye. And the main character, Mongrel, is one of the best protagonist I have seen in a long time.”

With The Wizard’s Gambit we are treated to a comedic fantasy writer at the very top of her game. With shades of Pratchett and Gaiman in the humour there is much to savour. If the rest of the books in this series are half as good, we are in for a treat.”

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys comedic fantasy. I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures in the Six-Er-Seven Kingdoms.”

“The Wizards Gambit by Kylie Betzner is a whimsical light foray into the world of dwarves, elves and men — with a few other odds and ends thrown in for good measure.”

“The author’s light bouncy style imbues the book with a cosy warmth. There is humour running throughout, with tongue in cheek modern-day references aplenty.”

“Three words… A-Maz-Ing!”

. . . and my personal favorite: 

“The most disappointing thing about this book was that it ended.”

For those of you who haven’t gotten your hot little hands on a copy of book one of the Six—Er—Seven Kingdoms series, now’s your chance to get the eBook at a discount. From February 22nd to February 25th you can get a copy of the Kindle edition for 0.99! From then until February 27th the book will be available for $1.99! After that, it goes back up to $2.99, which is still less than the price of a small coffee at Starbucks.

Follow the link here to the Amazon.com sales page or the link here to the Amazon.co.uk sales page to get your copy today! Hold onto your butts; you’re in for a wild ride!


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