Time is Running Out to Get The Wizard’s Gambit for $1.99


Holy Guacamole, Batman, today’s the last day to get The Wizard’s Gambit for $1.99! At noon tomorrow the price goes back up to $2.99!, which is still cheaper than drive-thru.

If you haven’t gotten your copy, don’t dawdle. The clock is counting down! Follow the link here to the Amazon sales page to get your copy today!

The Wizards Gambit ebook cover

Blurb: Wizard White Beard had a plan, but destiny had something else in mind . . .

After 1,001 years of hostilities among the six—er—seven kingdoms, Wizard White Beard proposes a non-violent alternative to war—a scavenger hunt—to determine the fate of all! The rules are clear: no weapons and no bloodshed. Just clean, honest competition. Simple enough, if only the contestants would follow them. With the fate of the world at stake, it’s up to Mongrel, an orphan with an unconventional upbringing, to intercede. Joined by a hodgepodge group of misfits, including a gentle giant, a magically challenged elf, a feisty female dwarf, and a reluctant wizard’s apprentice, Mongrel just might stand a chance of winning—if he can survive!

A hilarious tale of magic, mayhem, and misadventure that turns the classic fantasy universe on its head. A must-read for anyone who enjoys comedic fantasy.

“Middle Earth meets Rudolph’s The Island of Misfit Toys.”

-Random Reviewer


For more information about the book, check out my sister’s non-biased review. Follow the link here.

And a big thank you to everyone for sharing my posts, tweets, etc. You guys have made this sale a success! Have a great weekend!




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