Nicholas Rossis is Hosting a Giveaway and Some Awesome Deals on Fantasy and Science Fiction. Just in time for the Weekend!


Avid readers, fans of fantasy and science fiction, listen up! Until the end of the month, author Nicholas C. Rossis is offering both Pearseus: Rise of the Prince and Pearseus: Mad Water at a discounted price on Amazon for just .99 (normal price: $3.99).

He’s also hosting a giveaway for up to seven fantasy novels! The grand prize is a Kindle “Gift Basket” of ALL SEVEN fantasy novels. Nine winners will receive selected titles. Click on this link for more information.

And if that doesn’t sate your hunger, the second issue of the Nonlocal Science Fiction magazine is available on Amazon.

book-photo-nr-500In case you don’t already know, Nicholas C. Rossis is a talented author of children’s books, epic fantasies, and science fiction. He lives to write and does so from his cottage on the edge of a magical forest in Athens, Greece. When he’s not writing, he’s spending time with family and chatting with fans. He’s also a huge supporter of the indie author community and offers helpful advice on his blog.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Make sure to check out these great deals, and have a great weekend!



5 Reasons to Read Local


Today’s the big day! My first local authors event, and I’m so excited! I’ve got everything ready from the tablecloth to the decorations, from the books to the bookmarks. If nothing else, the booth will look amazing. Haha! But mostly, I’m looking forward to meeting local readers and having a chance to share my book with them.

I’m aware that most of my followers on WordPress are not from Indiana, so I don’t expect to see you there. And I don’t expect you to get a plane ticket and fly all the way out here either. Haha! But here’s a list of reasons to read local that apply to any local community:

1. You’re supporting your local community.
Local authors are also your neighbors. They live, work, and shop in your community. By purchasing their books, you’re keeping money in the community, which benefits everyone.

2. You’re encouraging others to read.
Writers are artists. Like musicians and painters, they spend years learning and mastering their craft. And like musicians and painters, their craft contributes to the local arts. Art helps communities thrive and attracts tourism, so support your local author.

3. You’ll broaden your horizons.
The bestsellers lists only make up a small portion of the talent that’s out there. If you only read books from that list, you’re missing out on many great authors–maybe even your next favorite author! So give local authors a chance!

4. You’re supporting local literacy.
This might seem a far stretch, but think about it. When we celebrate local authors, we are promoting literacy in our community. Meeting a local author or seeing a work published by one might encourage someone to read or to improve their own reading and writing skills.

5. You’ll encourage future authors.
Nothing motivates young people to take a stab at their dreams like seeing someone else succeed first. If they see local authors being celebrated in their community, they will be more apt to try their own hand at publishing. Won’t somebody think of the children!

Well, that’s 5 reasons, at least, why you should read local. I’m sure there’s 10 or more, but I’m out of time. I’ve got a lot to do before the event. So anyway, wish me luck, and if you do happen to be in Kokomo IN this evening, please stop by and say hello!

It’s Alive! Legends of Windemere: Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue LIVE on Amazon Kindle!


It’s alive! It’s alive! Charles Yallowitz’s newest release Legends of Windemere: Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue is LIVE on Amazon Kindle! Whoo hoo!


Cover reveal!

Blurb: The final champion stirs and reaches out to any who can hear her voice. Yet all who heed her call will disappear into the misty fugue.

Awakening their new ally is only the beginning as Luke, Nyx, and their friends head south to the desert city of Bor’daruk. Hunting for another temple once used to seal Baron Kernaghan, they are unaware that the game of destiny has changed. Out for blood and pain, Stephen is determined to make Luke wish he’d never set out to become a hero.

By the time the sun sets on Bor’daruk, minds will be shattered and the champions’ lives will be changed forever.


Get your copy today at Amazon!

Read the Previous Volumes of Legends of Windemere!!!







Don’t forget to mark it as “To Read” on Goodreads!


Author Charles E. Yallowitz

About the Author: Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

Blog: Legends of Windemere
Twitter: @cyallowitz
Facebook: Charles Yallowitz

And while you’re on Amazon, don’t forget to purchase your copy of my debut novel, The Quest for the Holy Something or Other on sale now for 0.99! Discount ends April 9th!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Please support my friend, Charles, by sharing this blog post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Let’s help his newest release soar to the top of the Amazon Bestseller charts!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Observe #FantasyFriday with “Lady, Thy Name is Trouble” by Lori L. MacLaughlin


Friday is finally here! Hallelujah and amen and all that! To make Friday even better, I’ve decided to observe one of my favorite hashtags #FantasyFriday by sharing the details of a newly released fantasy novel by one of my favorite Indie fantasy authors, Lori L. MacLaughlin.

The book is entitled Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble, an epic fantasy adventure with a side of romance;)


Just released today!

Blurb: Trouble is Tara Triannon’s middle name. As swords for hire, Tara and her sister Laraina thrive on the danger. But a surprise invasion throws them into chaos … and trouble on a whole new level. Pursued by the Butcher, a terrifying assassin more wolf than man, Tara and Laraina must get a prince marked for death and a young, inept sorceress to safety. There’s only one problem – eluding the Butcher has never been done. Aided by a secretive soldier of fortune, they flee the relentless hunter.

Gifted with magic and cursed by nightmares that are all too real, Tara must stop an army led by a madman and fend off an evil Being caught in a centuries-old trap who seeks to control her magic and escape through her dreams – all while keeping one step ahead of the Butcher.

unnamed (1)

Meet Lori McLaughlin!

Author bio: Lori L. MacLaughlin traces her love of fantasy adventure to Tolkien and Terry Brooks, finding The Lord of the Rings and The Sword of Shannara particularly inspirational. She’s been writing stories in her head since she was old enough to run wild through the forests on the farm on which she grew up.

She has been many things over the years – tree climber, dairy farmer, clothing salesperson, kids’ shoe fitter, retail manager, medical transcriptionist, journalist, private pilot, traveler, wife and mother, Red Sox and New York Giants fan, muscle car enthusiast and NASCAR fan, and a lover of all things Scottish and Irish.

When she’s not writing (or working), she can be found curled up somewhere dreaming up more story ideas, taking long walks in the countryside, or spending time with her kids. She lives with her family in northern Vermont.

Want to learn more about Lori? Check out her blog. The book is available now at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

I’m ordering my copy today! Can’t wait to dive into the adventure. Looks like I’ll have some fun weekend reading after all. Happy #FantasyFriday, everyone!

Some Hump Day Reading to Get You to the Weekend: The Cock of the South By C. S. Boyack


Happy Hump Day, everyone! We’re almost to the weekend! But to get you through the rest of the week, I’ve decided to share an excerpt from C. S. Boyack’s new book, The Cock of the South.

download (1)

The book cover

Title aside, he assured me this isn’t a comedy, although parts of the novel are indeed quite humorous. This is his first attempt at writing fantasy, but I think he’s off to a great start. It involves a group of conquered peoples banding together to ensure they have a place in the world. It is set in a Greco-Roman environment, rife with everything fans of those stories might expect.

So if you’re a fan of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, or GRRM, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. (Have you ever noticed fantasy writers always have abbreviated names?)

Anyway, here’s a little teaser to give you a taste of what to expect in C. S. Boyack’s novel. This excerpt features the main character, Cobby, a Southern Dwarf, Uncle, a half human, and Gallicus, a cockatrice–hence the title.


Roald stood near his cows looking to the east. An erie red glow wound its way across the country below them.

“What is it?” Cobby asked.

“Same stuff what fills that lake,” he cocked a thumb over his shoulder. “That’s lava. It’s from Helheim itself. Keep watching, if it touches a tree she burns like dry grass, by golly. You can’t see it in the daytime. It just looks black and foggy. At night you can see the fire inside.”

“Helheim must be like our Tartarus,” Cobby said.

“Yeah, by golly, that’s it. Tomorrow we climb some, then start back down. The next camp is like this one, but the one after is a beauty. There’s a cabin and a hot spring too.”

The mountain shook once more, and cones fell from the trees. Roald patted one of his cows, “It’s okay, we seen Ifestio shake many times. Keep the girls calm and it’ll pass.”

The lead cow lay down, and the others did the same.

Cobby sat down and started tossing bits to Gallicus. “You’re not afraid, because you can fly away.”

Cobby took one last look at the lava, then headed for camp.

Uncle was throwing a fit. “This dwarfess unloaded my wagon and put all my stuff in the snow.”

Beth had her hands on her hips and said, “This wagon is a dormitory for some girls now. Four dwarfesses and two humans.”

“Let’s put your stuff under the wagon,” Cobby said.

“And where am I supposed to sleep then?”

“We’ll make a wall out of your stuff. You and Ruth can block the cold wind that way.”

Uncle scowled and made a fist.

Ruth scolded, “You’d choose keeping that old trunk dry over the lives of these six girls. If so, then you aren’t the man I thought you were.”

Uncle picked up the trunk and shoved it under the wagon. “Half man,” he grumbled. “Besides, nothing can get wet if it’s frozen solid.”


C. S. Boyack

You can tell from the excerpt, C. S. Boyack had a great time writing The Cock of the South, and hopes you’ll enjoy reading it just as much. I, myself, can’t wait to read it!

Want to know more about Craig and his works? You can follow him on his blog, Entertaining Stories or on Twitter, And don’t forget to pick up a copy of his book on Amazon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. I try to share good books as a find them. Connecting readers with good authors is what I do best, aside from being awesome; I do that very well;) Just kidding. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Support Nonlocal Science Fiction–A New Kind of Sci-Fi magazine that’s Out of this World!


Attention science fiction fans, Nonlocal Science Fiction is approaching critical mass and your support is needed to help it take off!


Recently revealed cover

What  is Nonlocal Science Fiction?

It’s a quarterly digital magazine published by 33rd Street Digital Press (a new independent publishing company) featuring short stories and serials from emerging science fiction authors from around the world–this world;) The first issue launches on March 14th!

What makes it so unique?

Nonlocal partners with its authors directly and offers them a share of the profits from the sale of the magazine rather than a per-word rate. Also, authors are involved in the marketing campaign which helps independent authors increase sales.

Who will appear in Issue #1?

Issue #1 promises awesome talent with stories by:

  • Valery Amborski (“Us and Everybody Else”)
  • Robert Paul Blumenstein (“Delivery to Venus”)
  • Dan Colton (A Thin Atmosphere, Chapter 1)
  • Daniel J. Dombrowski (“Mazep-fal”)
  • Reva Russell English (“Marigold’s Memory”)
  • Aaron Hamilton (“Catalyst”)
  • Thad Kanupp Jack (Dead Gone Bad, Chapter 1)
  • Nicholas Rossis (“Shoot the Devil”)
  • Jim Rudnick (“The Assistant Assistant Port Keeper”)
  • H.C. Turk (“In the Days of Still Pictures”)

Want a sample?

Here’s a short snippet from “In The Days Of Still Pictures” by H. C. Turk:

At the desert’s edge, where dry heat created transient visions, sat the town of Vargo, Dakoda Territory, population low and unknown in the year 1873. Remarkable the newcomers passing through. Miners heading for the promised platinum out west just stopping for some drugs at the saloon. Damn herd of elephants ran right through the streets once. Really tore up the place. Your big city journalist seeking the “truth of the Amerigan frontier,” like a profundity misplaced.

Some people stayed for one reason or none, for one duration or another. The photographer, Mizzer Benjumin Roze, had been present a month, but not many people could afford his family portraits. A traveling salesman changed that, providing Mzr. Benjumin with a plenitude of business, an enterprise to unhinge this Erth frontier…


Ready to offer your support?

Click here to support the Kickstarter, which will cover all costs to publish the first issue and other such costs. Also, every backer receives a copy of the magazine (awesome sauce!) and has the chance to get limited edition merchandise and additional eBooks from authors appearing in Issue #1. Is that cool or what?

Can’t wait until March?

Visit the website for your chance to get limited edition and advance copies of the newest science fiction magazine on the block! Follow the publisher on Twitter and Facebook for updates as they are posted.

Happy Hump Day , everyone!

Introducing the League of Comedy Fantasists!


Introducing the League of Comedy Fantasists a hodpodge group of writers joining forces to share works of comedic fantasy and light fantasy with the masses. Check out the new page (to the left of the screen, under pages, thank you!) and see what makes each amazing author unique.

Or just keep reading . . .

1383646_10102967469658948_1895957187_nKylie Betzner: The fearless leader and founder of the LCF. Growing up in the middle of a cornfield outside of Kokomo IN, Kylie had nothing better to do than fantasize about unicorns and elves. As an adult, she still refuses to grow up, and spends most of her time creating stories of comedic fantasy. When she is not writing, Kylie enjoys reading, dabbling in art projects, and spending time with her family and friends. She also runs, although she does not enjoy it so much.

Kylie lives in Kokomo IN in a small suburb with her sister, nephew, horde of cats, and one very silly dog.

Published Works: The Quest for the Holy Something or Other (Available January 2015!)

Follow Kylie on: WordPress, Twitter, and Goodreads

?????????????????????????????Clive Mullis: Author of humorous fantasy. Clive once worked in the health service as a paramedic, until sense and a bad back got in the way of things. Now retired, Clive’s busier than ever with a part-time job that pays some beer money and enables him to spend a little time writing, though not as much as he would like as life invariably gets in the way. When he’s not writing, Clive enjoys reading, sports, and spending an hour (or two) down at the pub.

Clive lives in the UK in the county of Bedfordshire with his family and Daisy the dog.

Published Works: Banker’s Draft (Available on Amazon, Smashwords, and I-tunes)

Follow Clive on: WordPress and Twitter

LaraLara Willard: Editor. Designer. Wife. Mom. And, of course, writer of comedic literary fantasy (as well as poetry & contemporary short fiction). Her first experience writing was coming up with material for comedy sketches. Her inspirational story: “I rode the literary horse through university. But when I stopped for a waffle break, my mare wondered off with a hot ass, and next thing you know, I’m the godmother of a mule. That mule is a comedic literary fantasy called World Song.”

Lara lives in Minnesota, with her husband and sons.

Work in Progress: World Song (Currently in revisions before it clops off into the sunset of traditional publishing)

Follow Lara on: WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest

JonJon Brierley: Voracious reader. Also a writer, mainly of comedic fantasy and parodies. Mostly unpublished and very much unpaid. Currently works a day job but hopes to pursue writing as a full-time career. Offers of drink are always acceptable. Dreadful puns at no extra charge.

Jon lives, as many cool writers do, in the North of England.

Work in Progress: The Saga of Gorm the Less and the Huldrafolk

Synopsis: Long ago and far away in the Northlands, a young wizard is hired by the Huldrafolk to help them with a little problem. Magic, romance, a walrus, and jokes. Mostly jokes.  

Follow Jon on: Twitter and WordPress

Now that you’ve met the team, I’ll bet you’d like to join, now wouldn’t you? Or maybe you know someone who would. If you wish to join the league, please contact Kylie Betzner at and include the words “League of Comedy Fantasists” in the regarding line. Members are screened prior to membership and are expected to follow group rules: maintaining a standard team page, promoting other members, and so on and so forth.

Stay tuned in the following months for group updates, candid interviews, and awesome avatars!

Thank you for stopping by!