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Since I first learned of comic conventions and cosplay, I’ve always wanted to take part, only I never had the courage to dress up and go–that is, until my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her illness taught me that time is not promised, so don’t wait to do the things you love to do or want to do. That is why I cosplay. Please enjoy my photo diary!

005c803b-9717-4213-b4e7-aeac0124d911_kokomo-con_20132013 Kokomo-Con

My first comic convention ever! Since my attending was sort of a last minute decision, I didn’t have time to come up with a costume and went as myself. It was also my nephew’s first convention, so I used this as an opportunity to introduce him to the world of nerdom from which his auntie hails. We had a great time! It’s safe to say, I’ve made a nerd out of him.

1385259_10102967478770688_832084347_nThis first picture was taken of me and Rylee with a gentleman dressed as Captain Kurk from Stark Trek. In fact, his entire family went as Star Trek characters, even his daughter, who was celebrating her eighth birthday at the Kokomo-Con. Isn’t that neat? Anyway, really cool family with great costumes. Hope I run into them again at a future convention!

1381579_10102967479718788_2043565453_nThe next picture was taken of me with a young San-Goku doing the Kamehameha! Super epic! He made the costume himself and was very proud that it attracted the attentions of pretty young ladies. Haha! I bumped into his mom later on and she informed me this photo opportunity had made his day! Glad it did. It made mine too!

1379994_10102967482612988_533333905_nThe last picture is of me with some characters from Adventure Time. Rylee was burned out of photo-taking at this time, and to be honest, he was a little scared of the Ice King. Though, I thought he looked great! They all did, actually. Anyway, all of these cosplayers inspired me to come up with my own costume for the next year’s event.

kokomo con 20142014 Kokomo-Con

My first cosplay! This year, we went as Thranduil, Tauriel, and Legolas from the second Hobbit movie. My best friend, Sarah, came along to check out the venue, although she herself did not wear a costume. She did wear a Fire Fly t-shirt, which a few fans did recognize. This was a great year for us as we won the group costume contest. Rylee can’t wait to do this again next year. I think this will be our new family tradition.

groupThe first photograph is a group photo of me, my sister, and Rylee with a friend of mine, Carrie, who got me into cosplay to begin with. She is an amazing person who dedicates a lot of time to the event and cosplay in general. Her own son was dressed as Gru from Gaurdians of the Galaxy. She was more than helpful with advice and support during the creation of my costume and thanks to her, it turned out great! If you’re new to cosplay, and need some extra help, she is someone to know!

taur4 (2)The next photo is an action shot of me posing as Tauriel with my bow and arrow. The costume, including styled wig, outfit, boots, ears, and makeup cost quite a bit of money, but the bow was less than $5.00 on sale after Halloween last year. Haha. Needless to say, I had to get in shape before this convention to pull of Tauriel’s character since she is athletic, nimble, and quick. She’s also super sexy! Hopefully, I pulled that part off too . . . Anyway, I had a lot of fun getting into the character and I think the action photos turned out great!

taur6The next photograph is of me with Captain Jack Sparrow. This cosplayer was a fun guy. I hope to encounter him again next year. Don’t know who he’ll be, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for him. He really got into his character, walking the walk and talking the talk; he even carried around the papers. Somewhere, I’ve got pictures of us all sparring with him, but they seem to be buried in my phone. They’re on my Twitter and Facebook I believe. Anyway, he was a super cool guy, and I was excited to have my photo taken with him. Though, I think my ears look really big in this picture. What do you think? Maybe it’s just the hair. Haha! Elf problems, right?

thranThe last photograph is of my sister and her little boy. I thought their costumes were so cute because, in the movie, Thranduil and Legolas are father and son. So, this was a fitting cosplay for mother and son. Rylee had a great time, and he just loved seeing his mom and auntie dressed as characters from his favorite movie. And doesn’t Rylee look adorable with his elf ears holding that toy bow. Too bad all of his action poses turned out blurry. They were so epic! And I think my sister looks like Lee Pace. Don’t you? Which makes it really weird that men were hitting on her all day. Haha. And yes, she made the crown herself. Not the snazzy robe; she had to order that. Regardless, dressing up was a ton of fun, and I hope to do it again next year.

indiana-comic-con-march-1315-2015-25Indiana Comic Con 2015

My third cosplay convention, and the first one outside of Kokomo Indiana! My sister and I resurrected our Hobbit costumes just in time for the Indianapolis convention. Mainly, we were going to see the actor who played Gimli in the LOTR trilogy, but he wasn’t there. However, we still had a great time.

IMG_7743This first picture features other Hobbit-themed characters, who we met outside of one of the workshop rooms. This is by far one of the best Gandalf’s I’ve encountered. Up close, the beard almost looked real! And let’s not forget Thorin Oakenshield and both Thranduils. Can you tell which one is my sister?

unnamed (4)This next photo … how do I explain? Let’s just call her Pimp’n Bilbo Baggins. There’s not enough that can be said about a hobbit sporting party glasses and throwing out handfuls of fake money. Though Gandalf might take one look at him and say, “You’ve changed Bilbo Baggins, and not entirely for the better” I really enjoyed hanging out with this half-sized homeboy.

unnamed (2)Here’s another group photo featuring my favorite Hobbit characters: Legolas, and once again, two Thranduils. And of course that’s me posing as Tauriel. There were actually three of us there in total. So many great Hobbit costumes! It was a Tolkien fans dream come true!

unnamed (1)The last photo doesn’t actually feature me or any Hobbit characters. I just really wanted to share this group’s costume. For those of you who are fans of The Venture Bros you will instantly recognize Doctor Girlfriend and her henchmen. Kudos to them for having one of the best costumes at Indiana Con 2015!

12095075_10206976045372178_2489063159927091853_o2015 Kokomo-Con

My first convention as a vendor, and I must say, it was quite successful considering the size of the event and the fact that the event only ran one day. It didn’t hurt that my booth was on the end of an aisle. Talk about luck!

10174842_10105635622384498_4966531045239915696_nWhile I was selling books and meeting new readers, my sister was showing off her walking centaur costume. It was quite literally the centaur of attention during the costume contest. She placed second in her category and third overall. No money prizes this year, but the praise was reward enough. Someone even compared the quality of her work to the late Jim Henson. I thought that was rather remarkable.

11921615_10105635705557818_724557309734035650_nThere were many other great costumes. One of my favorite costumes was the Green Goblin on the hovercraft. It was so cool. It propelled itself using physics of some kind. No motor or anything like that. It was simply awesome.

12042951_10105635720951968_7003539504169043185_nOne of the best costumes (after my sister’s, of course) was Loki. Just look at him. Isn’t he adorable. And he got so into the character. For the record, he has a girlfriend, so ladies, don’t get your hopes up. This Loki is taken. His costume won best overall in the costume contest. Sorry sisseh!

12036702_10105635860901508_857324308660562711_nAnd what comic convention would be complete without me hugging a storm trooper? Meet one of the fine troopers from Legion 501. Turns out, he’s good friends with my librarian friend from Peru. Small world, huh? Of course, this being a local event, I ran into quite a few familiar faces.

I can’t wait for next year to unveil my new book . . .  and a surprise costume! It’s going to be so much fun!


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  1. Brad

    Thank you for the nice comment on our Venture Brothers cosplay! We are going to GenCon as Brock Samson, Molotov and Rusty Venture! Hope to see you there!

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