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My books are humorous, creative, and more often than not, entertaining. As a writer of comedic fantasy, I take advantage of imaginary characters and worlds to parody other works of fantasy while satirizing current cultural issues, making them the most relevant and irrelevant stories ever told!

The_Quest_eBook_coverAvailable in e-format and paperback on Amazon!

Title: The Quest for the Holy Something or Other

Genre: Arthurian Parody

Blurb: Enter the Realm of Camelot, home of famous legends: King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and Merlin–but this isn’t their story. Meet Pig, a humble gong farmer who dreams of the glories of Camelot. Her dreams become reality–or so she thinks–when she becomes Sir Kay’s page. What starts off as a joke soon becomes the adventure of Pig’s life when Merlin sends the knights on a quest for the Holy Gift Box–er–Bread Basket–whatever it is! On their quest, they face many knight-worthy, and some not-so-knight-worthy, foes: an insane pond dweller, several greedy salespeople, and an overzealous cache seeker, all the while fighting against time, mostly each other, and the most infamous villain of all—change. The Quest for the Holy Something or Other is a fresh and funny take on a well-known legend, with engaging characters, some rather good jokes, and something that starts with S, but it isn’t important.

The Wizards Gambit ebook coverAvailable in e-format and paperback on Amazon!

Title: The Wizard’s Gambit

Genre: Comedic Fantasy

Blurb: Wizard White Beard had a plan, but destiny had something else in mind . . .

After 1,001 years of hostilities among the six—er—seven kingdoms, Wizard White Beard proposes a non-violent alternative to war—a scavenger hunt—to determine the fate of all! The rules are clear: no weapons and no bloodshed. Just clean, honest competition. Simple enough, if only the contestants would follow them. With the fate of the world at stake, it’s up to Mongrel, an orphan with an unconventional upbringing, to intercede. Joined by a hodgepodge group of misfits, including a gentle giant, a magically challenged elf, a feisty female dwarf, and a reluctant wizard’s apprentice, Mongrel just might stand a chance of winning—if he can survive!

A hilarious tale of magic, mayhem, and misadventure that turns the classic fantasy universe on its head. A must-read for anyone who enjoys comedic fantasy.

“Middle Earth meets Rudolph’s The Island of Misfit Toys.”

-Random Reviewer

wip-1Under Construction:

Title: Untitled Sequel to The Wizard’s Gambit

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Parody

To be released in September 2016!

Blurb: Synopsis in the works!

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re a fan, please feel free to leave a comment below! I love to know what readers think of my books. If you are interested in an advanced review copy of any of the titles above, please send me an e-mail at Reviews are much appreciated!


3 thoughts on “My Writing

  1. Marz

    I’m halfway through The Quest and really enjoy it. You took me to a place that i didn’t think i cared to go. I expected some wild sword and sorcery tale… like the ones the knights make up… but you took me on a real down-to-earth adventure. Revealing the vain knights as they most likely would be. And i can somehow relate to Sir Kay’s attitude… since i’ll the old bald guy who bought your book at the Library Book Fair. And i really enjoy the comedy! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much. Glad you’re enjoying the story and the angle I chose to take. Kay is probably the character I relate with most though most people tell me I remind them of Pig. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please take a moment when you’re done to post a review on Amazon. You have no idea how much that helps!

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