It’s Monday … Again. Better Make it a Good One.


Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday (if such a thing exists). For the record, I had a long weekend full of family crisis and whatnot, so I’m not really in a blogging mood. To be honest, I’m not really in a productive mood at all. I would have rather entered myself into the Hunger Games than entered the office this morning.

But cry me a river, build me a bridge, and make lemonade or whatever it is that people say. Here’s some more inspirational quotes about Mondays to get us all out of the funk and into a more productive mood.

It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome! -Author Unknown

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. -Author Unknown

Oh, come on. It’s Monday, not doomsday. So make it a good one. -Some Random Cow

Monday is a fresh start. It’s never too late to dig in and begin a new journey of success. -Author Unknown

It’s Monday. Time to take over the world. -Random Minion

It’s Monday but it’s okay. – Author Unknown

Well, that was … inspiring. If nothing else, it was fun. And what better way to start Monday than with a little fun?

Have a great week!





Something to Read on Tolkien Reading Day


Today is Tolkien Reading day, and so I’ll be spending my day off revisiting some of my favorite works … and trying to get a little writing done as well.

Last year’s theme was “friendship” which I found rather uplifting. This year’s theme is … less uplifting: life, death, and immortality.

My sister shared a rather interesting blog post on the subject and how it ties to Tolkien’s life. Click here to check it out.

But before you go, I’m curious to know, what are you reading for Tolkien Reading Day?




Fellow Writers, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In, and Try Everything


I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Til I reach the end and then I’ll start again
No I won’t leave, I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

That’s just the chorus of Shakira’s (or should I say Gazelle’s?) new hit single, “Try Everything” which is featured in latest Disney movie Zootopia. Listen to the rest of the song and tell me it doesn’t inspire you keep plugging away on that work in progress?

I hope you enjoyed the video. It’s the only song I’ve been listening to recently to help me get through my workout and those painful bouts of writer’s block.

Happy Hump Day!


Time + Work = Novel: A Pep Talk by Stephanie Perkins


“Novels aren’t written by muses who come down through the ceiling and shoot magic through your fingers and out onto your laptop’s keyboard… They’re written with one simple equation:

Time + Work = Novel.”

Stephanie Perkins.

I thought this was a rather inspiring quote, going into the second week of NaNoWriMo 2015. I’m sure we could all use a pep talk, even those of us who aren’t participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Well, considering I’m waaaay behind on my word count right now, I’m not the one to offer a pep talk, but Stephanie Perkins can. Read the rest of it here.

Best of luck!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life


Having some trouble getting over the midweek hump? I know I am. Here’s a little sing-along to get you through the rest of the day and lift your spirits until the weekend. Sing along, or whistle along, with Eric Idle as he sings our forever favorite, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

C’mon give us a grin! There you go! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Real Life Chutes and Ladders


Chutes and Ladders is not just a game; it’s a metaphor for life. Kind of heavy for a children’s board game, don’t yah think? Granted, it’s still a lot lighter than Monopoly, which makes a huge political statement about the economic concept of monopolies. So child-friendly.

For those of you who have never played Chutes and Ladders, it’s a board game that requires players to roll a single die and advance their token the rolled number of spaces across a square board. First player to arrive at the end of the board wins. On some of the squares there are ladders that advance the player forward a certain number of squares. There are also chutes that send the player back a certain number of squares.

Do you see how this game applies to real life? Don’t you ever feel like you’re progressing forward at a steady pace when, all of a sudden, you’re propelled forward on one success or set back by some stroke of bad luck?

Well, recently my life has reminded me of a game of Chutes and Ladders.

215-7353_PI_TPS1365060The Chutes:

  1. My favorite restaurant, Pepperwhistle Bakery and Cafe, closed last month. This is sad for me not only as a patron but also as an author because the owner of this restaurant was very supportive of local creators and had offered to let me promote my book there whenever I wanted.
  2. Last month, my mother started a new treatment to fight off six new tumors that had grown on her liver. Even though the side effects are more tolerable, she doesn’t feel that it’s working.
  3. My debut novel suffered a no-sales season. Is that even a real term? I might have just coined it.
  4. Kickboxing class was permanently cancelled at the YMCA due to schedule conflicts, which sucks because this was one of the few classes I could work into my schedule.

6foot_ladder_500xThe Ladders:

  1. I connected with a new local employer who has offered to let me host a booth at his store. If it goes well, I’m sure there will be potential for future events at his store.
  2. Because of the lesser side effects my mom has been able to enjoy several family outings, which she may not have had she stayed on the other treatment.
  3. Even though my entry in the Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest didn’t win, it did make it to semi-finals, which is rather encouraging.
  4. And even though my debut novel has not sold well these past few months, my new release has had an excellent first week, ranking pretty high on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.
  5. My sister and I were invited to speak to a local “geek club” about cosplaying for beginners. It was a ton of fun and so rewarding to inspire new cosplayers. This is exactly the kind of thing I imagined doing as an adult, and I’m loving it!

So looking at the lists, it’s clear I’ve had more ladders than chutes, which makes me optimistic that I’ll come out ahead in the end. Even if I land on a chute, I’ll stay positive and keep playing, because life isn’t a game you quit, and it’s not over any time soon.

How about you? Are you landing on a lot of chutes or ladders? Hopefully, you’re advancing across the board and heading for that coveted 100th square. Maybe, I’ll see you there!

I’m Coming out . . . as a Closeted Writer, I Mean


Nobody can know . . . not even you

Have you ever kept a secret from your family and friends? I mean a deep dark secret that was likely to tear your whole family apart and turn everyone you loved against you? Neither have I. And yet, for years I kept my writing hidden from those who would probably have provided me a great deal of support. Why would I do that?

Well, for one, there’s the stigma that aspiring authors face, and don’t tell me it doesn’t still exist. Just last week, I contacted my local library to inquire on potential author events, and they sneered at me–yes, sneered at me! A librarian sneered at a local author. Sneered at a literary contemporary! But it’s not like this was the first time my dreams were snubbed. When I was younger, anytime I’d divulge my dreams to trusted adults, they’d often criticize my “unrealistic” dreams and encouraged me to pursue a more “realistic” career path. Even my own peers, who wanted to be movie stars, laughed at me. Seriously, there is not enough love for wannabe writers.

Then there was the fear of failure. I, myself, am okay with the possibility that my writing career may never take off, but I don’t want my friends and family to perceive me as a failure. So I thought to publish in secret and only inform them of my achievement if, and only if, it became a best seller. That way, I could only be viewed as a success. Now I realize publishing the book alone is a great achievement and its own form of success. My family should be proud of that.

More importantly, I realize it doesn’t matter what others think. I want to be a published author. I want to write for a living. And if I fail, no big deal. At least I tried. And let others view it as they will. Their opinions do not effect me whatsoever.

So with those thoughts in mind, I made my decision last week to come out as a writer to my family and friends. Sing it, Diana Ross!

To my surprise, my family has been extremely supportive of my writing. My brother (an extreme workaholic) took the entire day off to attend my book launch party and his wife is running an article in the paper she works for. My mom, who is one of those negative realists, expressed tremendous pride for what I’ve done and encouraged me to keep at it. Friends I haven’t heard from in ages came out of the woodwork to purchase a copy of my book and share it on social media. To say I am overwhelmed by their support, is an understatement.

And of course, I have received more than enough support from my friends here on WordPress. Too many to name, in fact, but you know who you are, and please know I am grateful to you.

Anyway, sorry for the fluff post, but I had to come out with it. I promise Wednesday’s will be of higher content.

As always, thank you for stopping by. You’re always welcome back:)